Many Instagram influencers prefer to be contacted via email. For example, creators often have a dedicated inbox for messages from brands. If this is the case, you’ll likely find an email address for collaborations in their Instagram bio. You might also find their preferred form of contact in their bio link (via Linkt. ree or Linkin. bio).

The takeaway? Always confirm the contact preferences of an influencer before messaging them!

If email isn’t their preferred contact form, adapt your messages to Instagram DMs (and vice-versa). This will improve your response rate. Use your best judgment in situations where emails or DMs are fair game. 

How to write an eye-catching email? Tips & Tricks

We get so many emails straight forwards that it’s very easy to miss something essential or accidentally delete it. Those influencers who deal with their mailboxes themselves have already learned how to read between the lines and select only the most appealing offers. Let’s delve into details and find out the tricks of relevant and persuasive emails.

• Rough copy first. Make a rough copy of the email to define what you want to say and crystallize your ideas. Deep thinking will help clarify your questions, make it easier for an influencer to give the correct answers, and prevent misunderstanding. Drafts also help avoid errors and typos that usually negatively affect your image in the eyes of the interlocutor.

• Always write the subject of your email in a specially designed line. If it is your first appeal to the influencer, come up with an informative and complete subject line but not too long. In case you have a thread of emails, stick to the same subject not to get lost in a myriad of emails or come up with a new one. The more understandable the topic is, the faster the interlocutor will open the message.

• Use appropriate greetings, including an influencer's name and honorifics if it is in order. Avoid being very informative as it is business correspondence, and you are writing with a business offer.

• Avoid unnecessary details. Keep your email short but provide an influencer with more information. This will show that you respect the person’s time and will not waste it. Describe who you are, why you are writing, and what kind of collaboration you would like to offer. Make an accent on the explanation of why he is a perfect match for your campaign, including some proofs. For example, some pieces of content he has already produced. Also, clarify what you can offer in return: free products or services, discounts, commission, etc.

• Attach more materials. If you have some additional materials about your campaign, send them as attached files not to overload the letter. If your email provokes an influencer’s interest, he will look them through.

• Be polite and thankful for the time and attention an influencer has spent on your email.

• Include the signature with your name and the name of the company you work for, your post, and contact details.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the email samples for Instagram influencer's brand collaboration:

1. Standard Instagram Collaboration Pitch Template

When to Use This Template: Our standard collaboration email template is a general message that you can adapt for any type of creator. This message is a solid start if you're new to influencer collaborations point.

Subject line: Hey [Influencer Name], we love your content!

Hi [Insert Influencer Name],

I love your post(s) about [insert topic here] on Instagram. [Insert another sentence or two relating to their feed that adds a human element]!

My name is [insert name here], and I work for [insert company name]—we [insert what you do or your mantra].

I’m reaching out because [insert what you saw in their feed, posts and what they are passionate about and relate it to your brand’s purpose]. We’d love it if you collaborated with us [insert any collaboration specifics in mind]!

Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll share more details.


[Insert name here]

2. Standard Collaboration Email Template in Use

Subject line: Hey Suzie, we love your content!

Hi Suzie,

I love your posts about college life on Instagram. It’s great that you emphasize self-care through every post in your feed. I love all of the bullet journal inspiration, too!

My name is Andy, and I work for Dusk. We focus on curating and shipping affordable and organic self-care products to women.

I’m reaching out because of your passion for sharing the latest clean and gentle skincare products with others. We’d love you to collaborate with us on our fall social campaign!

Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll share more details.



Did you get the message clear about the Instagram influencer brand collaboration email sample. You can read our article on What is Instagram Marketing Course.

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