After going through this article to know how does Instagram ranks story viewers you can surely take advantage of this article so that you can go higher up in someone else's story views.

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Instagram stories are the best way to attract more people to your profile if you are a content creator. After viewing your stories, people will share them with their friends and you will even be searched more on Instagram. All of this will surely increase your followers base.

Make sure to put intresting and interactive stories, that will compel people to react on them and even share them will more people.

Getting views on your stories will feel great and help you boost your confidence in making new and creative content. It's just that you should know how to interpret the Instagram story views

How does Instagram Ranks Story Viewers?

how does Instagram rank story viewers
How does Instagram Ranks Story Viewers: A Guide 5

This refers to the number of people or it is a list of arrangements of people who have viewed any of your particular stories.

The list is generally available for 24 hours.

If you are a content creator, your story view orders can easily help you to interpret who all are interested in your content and what all should you bring more so that it can attract more people.

You can even follow the viewer if their account is in the same field of content creation. This way you will be able to explore and create more ideas by interacting with people. 

If you want to view the list of views, you have to swipe up on your screen while your story is playing. 

How does Instagram rank story viewers?

Let us now know the algorithm that Instagram generally use to rank your viewers on your story. This will surely help you fix your views on Instagram. It's just that you have to interpret the views properly. 

Initially, the algorithm used by Instagram is very simple and can be understood easily for stuff if your stories have been viewed by only 50 people or less than that, then the list of people that you will see on the screen will be in reverse chronological order. It is just that who viewed your story first.  

how does Instagram rank story viewers
How does Instagram Ranks Story Viewers: A Guide 6

After the number of views on your story has increased more than 50, then Instagram switches its algorithm to a more complex form.

It will now also depend on the level of interaction you have with the user of the account. 

This interaction includes the level of post they have shared, the frequency of profile visits that are done by the user.

Another type of interaction that matters in the list of viewers is likes and comments done by the user. And at last, the messages that have been sent by the users to the poster. 

All these factors do not have an equal weightage but, it does influence whether you will be at the top of someone's story viewers list or not. 


After going through this article on how does Instagram ranks story viewers, you can surely use it.

You can be interactive by liking, sharing the post, and commenting on their post, if you want to be on the top of list of their story viewers.

It will help you to get a better public view where you can share your content.

You just have to tag them in content related to the stories they have viewed. You can even engage them in conversations in public or private messages.

By trying all these methods, the order of your viewers on your story will eventually change. 

You can even take help from the service provided by Galaxy Marketing.

I hope this article was helpful in solving your problems about the ranking of your story views and, thank you for reading the article.