Instagram never notifies you when someone else blocks you on Instagram. This makes a great problem when you are suspicious to know who has blocked you there. This leads us to answer the biggest question amongst the Instagram community of users, “How do you know if your blocked on Instagram?” 

You have probably come across some third-party checking tools to see who has blocked you on Instagram. These apps aggressively advertise that they will quickly notify you when someone has blocked you on Instagram. But the truth is that these apps never really work like they claim to work.

So, what does? The detective spirit within you.

Follow these simple steps to find out who has blocked your Instagram on your own.

Step 1: Let’s begin with the search process first. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device. Then, tap on the “Search” option to get to the “Explore” section.

Step 2: Now, tap on the “Search” bar to type the Instagram handle of the person you believe might have blocked you. (Sometimes suspicion can work like magic!) If you cannot find the Instagram user you searched for then it can simply mean three things:

  • The Instagram User has blocked you
  • The Instagram user has deleted or deactivated his account
  • The Instagram User has changed their Instagram username

The Smart Way to Find Out If You Are Blocked on Instagram:

Another way of finding out if you have been blocked by another user on Instagram is by making way to their Instagram profile using the Instagram app. The above steps won’t help in this case. You can use some old Instagram comments or else an Instagram direct message (DMs) conversation to find out. If their Instagram handle is visible from here, then tap this icon to open their Instagram profile page. 

How do you know if your blocked on Instagram

Now, if Instagram shows that this particular user profile is private, it can mean the following things:

  • The Instagram user has switched to a private account
  • The Instagram user has removed you from their followers’ list

You can try following them back to get back in touch with this Instagram user.

On the other hand, if this Instagram user has blocked you, you won’t be able to follow them. The app will show “No Posts Yet”. You won’t be able to see either their follower information or their profile bio. The Instagram app might also show you a banner that might say, “User Not Found”. 

Reconfirming If A User Has Blocked You On Instagram

You can also reconfirm if a user has blocked you on Instagram by visiting the user’s profile on the web. If you have access to their active Instagram username, then you can add it behind the Instagram website link to find out. Fill the web link as follows:

How do you know if your blocked on Instagram2 How Do You Know If Your Blocked on Instagram?
How Do You Know If Your Blocked on Instagram? 3

If on opening this link in the web browser, it shows that the following page doesn’t exist, then it can mean two things:

  • Either the Instagram user has deleted or deactivated their Instagram account
  • The Instagram user might have blocked you on Instagram

Following only one method to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram isn’t enough. But if you correctly follow all the above-mentioned steps then you can lead to a conclusion. Not being able to access an Instagram user profile would then simply tell you if you are blocked or not. 

A third method to check and reconfirm if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to ask for a friend’s help. You can ask your friend to search for a particular Instagram handle to find access to that particular user you believe had blocked you. If your friend was easily able to access their Instagram profile while you couldn’t, then the picture is pretty clear. This other user has blocked you on Instagram.

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