How Do Instagram Views Work? Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps owned by Facebook. Instagram introduces many features to its application like stories, videos, and reels to enhance its user’s experience. According to a survey and official data, there are more than 1 Million active users on Instagram & more than 500 Million users use the story feature of Instagram daily. If one person views your story multiple times, will various views be there? If not, how do Instagram views work?

how do Instagram views work?

The video feature was introduced to Instagram in 2013. At that time, the length of the video would have to be a maximum of 15 seconds. After that, the size was increased to 60 seconds. In 2016, Instagram introduced the Story feature. Users can upload short videos or photos in the top-most left icon on their feed. The photo or video uploaded on the story remains for 24 hours. After that, it gets deleted automatically.

In this article, we will be discussing how do Instagram views work. So you can get a clear idea about the working of Instagram.

So Let’s Start!

How the views system work?

Instagram keeps a record of all views of every type of content posted by the user, like videos, photos, stories. The view count is not a major concern for a regular user, but the view counts are essential for brands and business users. The view count plays a significant role for them to find out their business success rate.   

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how do Instagram views work?

Instagram has developed a way for counting the views on a post. The method of calculating views is very simple and straightforward. For example, a view is added to the post if it is displayed on the user’s feed. A boomerang or video will automatically start playing, while the videos on the story are user-initiated.

Please keep in mind that a video needs to be played for a minimum of 3 seconds to count a view. But the view on the story is counted instantly upon opening. The views from video loops or an embedded video are not counted. To estimate a view, a post have to be seen from the Instagram App. The views from mobile or Tablet are counted.

How did multiple views work?

The most asked question by Instagram users is that "How do Instagram views work?" Does Instagram count more than one view from the same user? The simple answer to this question is yes. Instagram counts more than one view from the same user. But Instagram categories the views into two categories- impressions and reach. This division might not be a major concern for a casual user, but it is crucial for marketers to analyse their marketing event performance.

Impression can be defined as the entire number of views on your Instagram post. And reach can be defined as a total number of distinctive views on your Instagram post. For example, if your video goes to 2 people and is seen four times, the total number of impressions will be five, and the reach will be 2.

How to keep track of your views?

For example, you upload a promotional video to promote your brand on Instagram. And you want to see how many people liked and viewed it. The number of views will be mentioned at the bottom of the post. If you click on that number, you can see the likes also. But you can’t see the number of times a user played that video.

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If you want to get accurate statistical data of your Instagram account, you can switch to the business account from your personal account. And switching to a business account is very much simple. You can promote your brand through a business account. The steps to switch to a business account is mentioned below-

  1. Click on the horizontal bars on your profile page.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. Click on “ Switch to Professional Account.”
  4. Choose the business or creator option as per your preference.

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