If you are an active Instagram user, you must know that Instagram doesn’t allow you to post clickable links in captions and comments. This is in contrast to what other social media platforms allow. No matter if you use WhatsApp or Facebook or Twitter, you can add necessary links while commenting and posting. These clicks are clickable. How Can You Add An Instagram Link to Your Bio?

Instagram user How can you add an Instagram link to your Bio?
How can you add an Instagram link to your Bio? 4

Instagram has unfortunately restricted the number of places where you can share clickable links. Its decision to limit the places where one can post clickable links is reasonable and justified. The decision has been taken to stop people from using self-promotional links too much. Also, it prevents people from spreading spam on Instagram that usually takes place in the comments and posts. 

Though you cannot post links in your caption and comments, you can post clickable links in your Instagram bio. However, you can only post one at a time. When you share a link in your Instagram bio, it becomes publicly visible. Thus, it’s the very first thing that followers would notice. When they click on it out of curiosity, your website automatically gets more views and interactions. 

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Considering all these advantages, if you are now willing to add a suitable Instagram link to your bio but unable to do so, we have you covered. We have listed some easy steps that would help you post whatever links are required. Also, make sure to change the links frequently to keep attracting followers. 

If you are on Instagram with a special purpose and that centres on promoting your brand or website to the rest of the world, you mustn’t neglect the importance of putting up a definite link in your Instagram bio. Adding a link in the bio of your Instagram account is highly significant as it helps you gather immense views and a host of followers to your Instagram profile or your website.

The best part about adding a link to your bio is that Instagram turns it into a clickable click that can take users to the required website when clicked on it. On the other hand, putting up links as captions in your post wouldn’t help it.

Thus, putting your website’s link in your Instagram bio would be instrumental in earning more business leads and engagement. If you wish to prosper on Instagram, you must keep in mind that it’s your Instagram bio that catches the first attention of the viewers to your account. 

Adding a single link to your bio can help you to receive a good first impression among your followers. Hence, don’t miss such a technique to enhance your follower base and promote your business through Instagram.

How Can You Add An Instagram Link to Your Bio
How can you add an Instagram link to your Bio? 5

The best place to put a clickable link on Instagram is undoubtedly your bio. Knowing the advantages of putting a link in one’s bio, people are using this opportunity to promote and boost their brand’s awareness. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about how to do it because the process is very simple and easy. 

The only drawback is that you can add one link to your Instagram bio at a time. Hence, you must be careful about what link you are posting. If done correctly, it could be instrumental in nurturing your business. The best part is that you can change the link as many times as you want. Doing so is extremely easy and hassle-free. Let’s go through the steps on how to put a link in your Instagram bio. 

  • Log in to your Instagram account. Enter the right credentials. 
  • Click on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  • Head over to your profile.
  • Now, click on “edit profile” that’s written on the top of your Instagram profile’s screen. 
  • Now, go to “website” and add the appropriate link. 
  • Now, click on the ✓ option at the top right corner of your screen. 

Your link would be added to your Instagram bio. 

A lot of people, influencers, and businessmen use an Instagram link to derive maximum attention to their websites, products, and services. Here are a few ways in which an Instagram link can prove to be useful for your business or brand. 

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  • Promote a product launch

Is your brand launching a new product? That’s great news. Why don’t you put up the link of your brand’s product in your Instagram bio? Not only it would help people get an idea about the product but also fetch extra views and attention. You can also think about giving a special offer to certain Instagram users. It would motivate them more to click through your website. 

  • Send people to your blog

Have you posted a blog on any trending topic recently? Are you wondering how to let people know about it? You have seen “link in bio “mentioned by multiple influencers at the end of their captions. That’s how you too can do it. When you put up a relatable post or video and ask your followers to visit the link in the bio they are most likely to do it.

By this method, you can direct people to your blog or website and get your much-needed attention or exposure. The only thing that you must keep in your mind is that you have to change the link in your bio every time you come up with a new blog or product or service. 

Putting up an Instagram link in bio is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and earn exposure about your brand or business. Through this, you can inform people to educate them about your industry specifics. So what are waiting for! Put up an Instagram bio today and let the world know what you excel in!