Many Instagram users are now seeking tools to track their comments since you might leave a comment posted days or weeks ago but can't honestly recall it. Forget about days or weeks; within a few hours, you can forget the comments you made today. This is due to the abundance of content on Instagram; if you follow a lot of active accounts, you'll find yourself occupied with the unending amount of stuff in your account.

If you follow the traditional way, all your Instagram interactions are mixed, and it will be difficult to separate the likes, DMs, and follow requests from the comments you made. It's better to find a simple method to reveal all the comments you added to posts and profiles, including your content.

Sorting through all the comments in your account is the easiest way to find that comment.

It is preferable to discover a straightforward approach that will show all comments you have made on articles and profiles, even those that contain your content.

If your account has only a few interactions, you may manually search for the comment as it won't take much of your time.

But it's not fair to start looking for your comments in all the interactions you received when you have thousands of followers and follow several accounts.

Imagine receiving hundreds of alerts each day. How will you be able to trace a comment made a week ago? It isn't easy to work even daily. Therefore you want to simplify the procedure.

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Fortunately, you can find a suitable answer to How Can I See What I’ve Commented On Instagram using the following techniques.

 Utilizing Your Activity

You may quickly see and delete previous comments you've made using the Your activity tool, as demonstrated below:

  • 1. Click on the three horizontal lines on your Instagram profile after opening it. Choose an activity.
  • 2. Visit Interactions and then click Comments. Instead, touch on Likes if you want to, unlike previous likes.
  • 3. Your comments will be displayed, with the most recent ones at the top. To see older comments first, tap Sort & filter and select Oldest to newest under Sort by. To filter the comments, you can also enter start or end dates. Select Apply.

Download Instagram Data

You must download your Instagram data to use this strategy. Your previous messages, comments, preferences, and much more make up the data. It would be best if you first opened the comments file to read your last Instagram comments.

To utilize this technique, follow these detailed steps:

  • Open Settings on the Instagram mobile app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Select Download data under Security.
  • If Download data isn't shown under Security, press the three-bar symbol next to your profile to access Your activities > Download your data.

Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Data download on the Instagram website. To request a download, click.

  • 4. If your email address is not automatically filled in, type it in and click Request Download. Type in your Instagram security code. A screen stating that you will receive your data soon will appear.
  • 5. Keep checking your inbox for Instagram data. Open the email as soon as you receive it and select "Download Information."
  • 6. Save the file to your computer or smartphone. The file that is downloaded will be in Zip format. The files within may be extracted using any Zip extractor. Activate the extracted folder.
  • 7. The extracted folder contains several folders and files. Go to the Comments directory.
  • 8. You may locate the post comments file in HTML or JSON format inside the Comments folder.
  • 9. Tap or click to open the file in any web browser if it is in HTML format. All of your previous comments will be visible on the page that loads in the web browser. Following the precise comment and the time it was submitted, you will see the username under which you left a comment.
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The keyboard combination ctrl+F can be used to launch the finder on a Windows machine. The cmnd+F keys on a Mac can be used to launch the finder. Alternatively, you may launch the Instagram app on your computer and type "comments" into the search bar. Type the term or username into the search box after that. You may click "Reels" to browse through the comments if you can't locate the one you're searching for.

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