You may find the Engagement Rate by entering the username of any public Instagram account (be it an influencer or a brand) (ER). Isn't that easy? 

To use our Instagram ER Calculator, you are not required to connect your account. You could simply evaluate the ER on your profile or the profiles of your competitors, as the analysis is based on posts that the influencer currently has. 

How to figure out ER

The most recent 18 posts' combined likes and comments are used in the Instagram ER calculator. Then, multiply those by 18 (to gain an average per post). This is multiplied by 100% after being divided by the number of followers the account currently has. The Engagement Rate Formula thus appears as follows: 

ER is calculated as (Likes + Comments) / Posts / Followers * 100%. 

Post Engagements / Follower Count 

Following is an analysis of the last 18 posts: 

ER = (18) / Followers * 100% ((Post 1 Likes + Post 1 Comments + Post 2 Likes + Post 2 Comments +... + Post 18 Likes + Post 18 Comments) 

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Take an account with 100k followers and 200 posts as a worked example. Six of the last 18 postings have accumulated 10,000 likes and ten comments, six have accumulated 8,000 likes and 20 words, and six have 11,000 likes and three comments. 

Therefore, the formula for the engagement rate will be ((((10000+10)*6+(8000+20)*6+(11000+3)*6)/18)/100000). 

*100% = 9.68% 

Why do we look at the previous 18 posts? 

We've done the research and found that for most accounts, from profiles with one post every week to fan groups with hundreds of publications per day, a reading of 18 seats is enough to grasp ER. We will divide by the total number of posts if the account has written fewer than 18 posts. 

Why do you need an Instagram engagement rate calculator? 

As you can see from the lengthy computation, doing this by hand would take a lot of time. Additionally, you must export all of the posts' statistics to collect the required data and utilize a formula to get the final ER value. Hooray! Time to use Excel. 

What Is an Engagement Rate on Instagram? 

One of the measures used to assess an Instagram account overall is engagement rate (ER). In its most basic form, it is calculated as the total number of likes and comments divided by the total number of posts and follows—information on using Engagement Rate.

What Influencer Engagement Rate Reveals About?

ER is one of the KPIs that influencer marketing uses the most frequently. What makes Instagram Engagement so crucial, then? 

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Algorithms on Instagram are to blame. Not all of your followers will necessarily see what you post. To determine whether the information will display in someone's feed or explore the area, dozens of algorithms are employed. Because Instagram wants more exciting posts in its users' feeds, ER remarkably influences this. More exciting posts result in more extended usage of Instagram. 

It's critical to realize that the number of followers with influencer marketing is meaningless with influencer marketing. 

What percentage of Instagram users will engage on average in 2022? 

The average ER varies according to the nation, the genre, and the size of the influencer's fan base. 

For instance, American influencers outperform comparable accounts in Brazil or India in terms of engagement ratio (ER), nano-influencers outperform macro-influencers in terms of average ER, and sports influencers outperform influencers who are more concerned with their audience's way of life. Influencers frequently have higher ER than brands. 

According to influencer size, an average and reasonable engagement rate were achieved: 

Nano-influencers with between 5 and 10k followers: 2.6% on average; 5.9% are good; 11.2% are great. 

Average micro-influencers (10–100k followers): 1.8%; good — 4.1%; great — 8.1% 

Macro-influencers (100k–1m followers): 1.5% on average, 3.6% for good, and 7.3% for great. 

celebrities (1 million and up): 1.5% on average; 3.7% for good; 7.2% for great. 

Based on an investigation of 7.5 million Instagram accounts, this information serves as our baseline. 

To judge, you must contrast similar accounts by size, kind, and category. 

"I'm interested in viewing Instagram influencer Engagement Rate history." 

You might be interested in learning how ER has altered through time for marketing purposes. The ER calculator does not provide this information, but trendHERO tracking makes it simple to obtain it. 

Tracking is a crucial function that enables you to keep track of daily account statistics, such as follower changes and engagement rates (ER). You may track your or your competitors' accounts without connecting your profile; simply type in the username to get the information.

We hope everything is clear now about how to check Instagram Influencer engagement.  You can read our post on what-is-the-meaning-of-tbh-on-Instagram.

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