Stories are a very efficient method to drive interactions and engagements with your followers. There exist many layers to "how to repost Instagram story."

For instance, whether you want to repost on your Instagram story or account feed. It also depends on if they tagged you or not and so on. But regardless of what it is, there isn't much to reposting as it might seem to be.

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How to Repost Instagram Story Directly from a Post

Many a time, we come across posts about pictures that just really get to us. At that moment, we want nothing more than to share that post on our Instagram stories. In this section, we'll let you know of some easy steps to share a post directly to your Instagram story.


Before you do anything, ensure that the account the post belongs to is public. You cannot share posts directly on your story from accounts that are private. To share,

Step 1: Tap on the paper airplane icon below the post.

Step 2: Upon doing so, a tray of options will slide in from the bottom of the screen. Tap on "Add post to your story."

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how to repost instagram story

Step 3: The app will redirect you to your story page. Here make adjustments according to your liking, write something, or tag people. Also, to change the aesthetics of the post, you can tap on it once. Thus, go ahead and select from whichever one you like more.

Step 4: When you're ready, tap on "Your Story."

Also, uploading a story of a post directly on your Instagram story will notify the post owner automatically. But, we advise that you do mention them again. You never know they might repost your story on theirs.

Reposting a Tagged Story

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Whenever somebody mentions and tags you in their story, you'll get notifications in the form of a direct message. This is one piece of evidence of how stories provide such an efficient method to engage with your followers. That too, on a personal basis.

Additionally, if you wish to gain more fans on Instagram, visit us. Getting back to the article, thus, to repost such stories:

If you're not on Instagram and somebody tags you in on the story, you'll get a notification.

Step 1: Simply click on that notification. It'll take you to the direct messages.

Step 2: In your DMs, tap on "Add this to your story."

You can choose to simply repost the tagged story as it is. If not, you can mention the person who tagged you and then repost it. The one thing you need to remember is that there is a 24-hour time limit on such mentions. After this time interval, you will no longer be able to repost that tagged story.

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