As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is a place for all people starting with A-list celebrities to ordinary people. As you scroll through Instagram, you will see that most of these A-listers and other global organizations, brands, and public figures have a blue tick against their usernames.

how to get a blue check in Instagram.
How To Get A Blue Check In Instagram In 10 Easy Steps 4

This is a verification given by Instagram as an authentic owner of the person or brand. The blue tick helps you find out who is the real celebrity, brand, or public figure amongst the sea of fake accounts made by imposters.  

The blue tick of Instagram has become almost like a symbol of social status, and everyone is running to get one for themselves. However, not everyone can get this verification quickly. The community guidelines and the Terms and Conditions set by Instagram to become a verified user are made available to all social media platforms. There are specific requirements that you need to meet to get the blue tick on Instagram.

This article will tell you how to get a blue check in Instagram.

The prerequisites are given below:

You should have an authentic and genuine account:

For the account to be verified by Instagram, it should be representative of the person or brand. All the posts made on this account should also be associated with what the account is claiming to be. You can be refused Instagram verification if the account expresses general interest and not your own.

It should be one of a kind.

The account needs to be unique. Since there can be only one person or brand, the account should be entirely representative of the owner. Instagram can only confirm the credibility of one single account, bearing the name of the person or brand.

It should be a public account:

Another critical criterion that Instagram sets for verification purposes are that the account should be public. You cannot have a private account if you want to be a verified user. The complete data of the person should be viewable to other users on the platform, along with a profile picture and a biography that you can add to your profile. You should also have at least one post in your feed.

You should be a distinguished brand or figure:

Lastly, any account that wants to be verified by Instagram should consist of content that people search for. It would help if you also carried a notable brand or public presence, which is highly reviewed, well-known, and researched by people to get verified.

An essential decisive factor when going through a verification process is that the information provided in the platform should be 100% original and authentic. If the system finds it false in any way, it can lead to the deletion of the account and lose the opportunity to get a blue tick.  

Watch this video to learn more about how to get a blue check in Instagram.

Here are the steps you can follow to get a blue tick for your Instagram account:

how can you get a blue check in Instagram.
How To Get A Blue Check In Instagram In 10 Easy Steps 5
  1. Open your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the top right corner with the three lines.
  3. Go to the settings icon. The page will direct you to the settings menu.
  4. Here, click on the Accounts option.
  5. Search the options and click on “request verification.”
  6. You will get a form that already has your name on it.
  7. They will ask you to attach a national identification document such as a driving license or a passport.
  8. If you have a business account, they will ask for an official business document as well. This can include tax filing documentations or even your electricity bill for whichever company you have the account for.
  9. Click on the Send button to submit your verification request to Instagram.
  10.  Instagram moderators will review your request and decide whether to approve or disapprove your request based on the community guidelines and the previously discussed terms and conditions.
how to earn a blue check on Instagram.
How To Get A Blue Check In Instagram In 10 Easy Steps 6

There is no set time limit for how long it will take for the team to respond to your request. Typically, it takes about 7-15 days for a response. Make sure to check your notifications in 3-5 days after your submission. Even if your request gets denied, the good thing is that you can still reapply for the verification after 30 days.