Sometimes posting funky pictures with funny quotes is something everyone wants to see. Many people have meme pages on Instagram. To get started, increase followers and post cranky posts with funny quotes. These are the quotes that make us laugh, and people enjoy reading them. Here are a few of the Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram.

Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram
Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram 4

Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram

The quotes

  • Want to have fun with cops? Wait for them to pull you over and say papers: just say scissors and run!
  • Even the calendar hates the weekends: it goes WTF after Tuesdays.
  • Why try to pretend to be normal? Let people think you’re crazy, cause all the best people are.
  • Sweating? Nah, I twinkle.
  • My Wi-Fi signal, be hanging in there.
  • My bed holds magic: whenever I get over it, I suddenly remember stuff I need to do.
  • Having a brain is so awesome, and rare these days.
  • Math class? I don't like watching movies in foreign languages without subtitles.
  • Life is not big: keep on smiling while one has teeth.
  • A battle has raged, sleep versus the internet. Internet wins, sleep goes to sleep.
  • Never felt the need of telling the person to use deodorant? That's how it works with common sense too.
  • Depresso: A word when one doesn’t have any coffee to drink.
  • A pig that does karate? Pork chop.
  • Who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby? A person who wants to sleep like a sloth.
  • How many things do I run out of? Patience, money, time, you name it.
  • I need a reset button on my wallet.
  • Oops, I forgot to go to the gym today: that counts up to 54 weeks now.
  • Reality check-ins? The shop is closed.
  • Ever been on a date with an anti-social person? If not, call me.
  • I need a long-lasting vacation of 3 months four times a year.
  • Ever had a seafood diet? Yeah, the diet where one eats whenever one sees food.
  • If only the brain were an application, people would actually use it.
  • Have your brain next to the heart no matter where it wanders off to.
  • Want to see waffles? Look at hashtags!
  • You’re a ninja? How? I didn’t see you do that. DO what? What? Exactly.
  • I did follow a diet for few weeks, but I don't like it when some doesn't follow me back, so I unfollowed it.
  • The lies I keep telling my mind: One more pizza? Just one burger? Only a single cookie? They aren’t lies.
  • Hoodini? An owl that can do magic tricks!
  • Excuses for my laziness? I’m searching for them too.
  • Top interrupting people playing puzzles. You’re the reason why I get crosswords.
  • I need that Friday feeling daily.
  • The best way to avoiding kidnap? Keep eating mates, the fatter you are, the harder it is to kidnap you.
  • If one looks at the fridge, it is a clear example of what matters inside.
  • The true friend whenever one falls is the floor.
  • What is more worth than doing stuff for memories?
  • I don’t come with guidelines! You can’t handle me.
  • Want to do marathons? Let’s see who does it more on Netflix.
  • Friends? I have food, soda, pizza, burgers. They never make me feel lonely.
  • An interesting fact: a dentist makes money out of bad teeth, so why do people trust the products he/she gives to fix them?
  • There are many directions when nothing goes right.
  • Even I can’t believe the times I got up and got ready in five minutes.
  • I am someone to have a harder time making decisions? I’m not sure.
  • Nothing is impossible? Then why I’m able to do nothing every day!
  • Rather be a pizza than a cake.
Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram
Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram 5

Why use these quotes?

These quotes are just used for making people laugh or add a sense of humor to one's posts. One can use these Funny and Inspirational Quotes for Instagram or on other social media too.

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