Instagram is a very well-known social media platform that is used by millions of users regularly. Instagram is all about likes and comments. You must have seen some of the funniest comments on Instagram and wondered how that helps. Commenting on something funny on Instagram makes your profile highly exposed to other people and as a result, your engagement increases. 

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How to make funniest comments on Instagram
How to make the funniest comments on Instagram? 4

If you are thinking about how Instagram comments can help you in engaging more with your audience, you must know that commenting is a procedure that involves two-way interaction in which you get to interact with your audience. This way there is more interaction and you can know what the audience is expecting from you. Many other questions related to commenting on Instagram will be answered ahead in this post so keep going and read it till the end. 

What is the importance of comments on Instagram?

Having high engagement on your social media account helps in increasing your brand value, offers a social witness that promotes more and more conversions, produces traffic to the website that increases and enhances your SEO. 

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According to the few examinations that have been directed, clients contribute practically 75% more with the brands that they follow via web-based media stages. On the off chance that you are not interfacing with clients who remark, there are chances that they will not notice your posts and your brand won’t get the required recognition. Replying to comments is also a significant way by which you can continue engaging with the audience. There are many ways by which you can get the funniest comments on Instagram posts. These comments can make your post more appealing to the audience. 

How to make funniest comments on Instagram?
How to make the funniest comments on Instagram? 5

How can you get the funniest comments on your Instagram post?

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If you are wondering how to get the funniest comments on your Instagram post, you must follow the ways mentioned below.

Post funny content in a study conducted to see what can help your content become more trending.

some of the biggest facts of all time were revealed. Considered in the most commonly seen posts, were those that led to higher anticipation, astonished the audience, and provoked eagerness within them. The emotions that rekindle joyous feelings were also commonly found. 

So you must plan about posting such content that can be shared on Instagram which can make people feel a strong emotion that they are bound to comment on your post.

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Posting or sharing humorous content will make the audience comment something funny on your post. This way, your post will get higher engagement and more views too. 

When you are posting content with suitable hashtags, your posts show up for particular hashtag that is searched on Instagram. You can also find it under the Explore section. Posts that have at least single hashtag gain higher than 12% engagement. The interested users and influencers might naturally comment whenever they find you speaking on topics that they seek interest in. 

Use funny captions 

Another thing you can do to get the funniest comments on your Instagram post is by using funny captions on whatever you are posting. You can use different humorous captions in your post. If you are not able to create your funny captions, you can search for them on the internet and then use them with your post. 

Funniest comments on Instagram post are a very effective way by which you can talk to your followers and you even get opportunities to expose your content as much as you can. Also, they are the only option where you can have a double-way interaction on your post. So, you can try the hacks mentioned above to get more and more comments on your Instagram post. Comments are an integral part of Instagram as they can undeniably help you in creating higher engagement with your audience. 

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