Instagram is this Facebook-owned photo-sharing app that keeps people busy all day with its exciting features. To consider Fixing Sorry Something Went Wrong Error on IG, You can share the snippets of your life with your followers, and gain likes and comments through it. Instagram has a billion users on its interface, and hence it’s nothing new that they face crashes or bugs from time to time. 

Fixing ”Sorry, Something Went Wrong” Error on IG,
  • Having a good Instagram follower count and reach will just make your account more active, and you can have a lot of fun vibing with people on Instagram.
  • Instagram often crashes from time to time, and whenever they update their app, a new bug usually launches. 
  • This is inevitable, and an app as big as Instagram needs some time to fix it all. Although this could be a problem on their end, it stops our life.
  •  Whenever a piece of news comes that Instagram is down, it is like a shock to us.
  •  We spend a considerable amount of time on this app, which is a part of our day. Disrupting one part just messes up with another.

There are many errors on Instagram, and one of them that irritates people a lot is the “sorry, something went wrong” error. This keeps happening when you are either trying to log in or upload a photo or do something else. It is a bug that needs to be fixed, and this can cause significant anxiety if it happens between something important. Since people use Instagram for business as well, and if you are in the middle of the deal and this happens, it can cause many problems.

Methods for Fixing Sorry Something Went Wrong Error on IG

Fixing ”Sorry, Something Went Wrong” Error on IG,

Check If The Server Is Down and Fixing Sorry Something Went Wrong Error on IG

Before blaming your phone or internet connection, it is essential to check if the central server of Instagram is working or not. Sometimes due to some update or overload, their servers go down. You can check this through Twitter or Google. The news comes out fast if this happens. Instagram and other apps it owns will also display the news if this happens. 


Since Facebook now owns Instagram, if you see the sorry something went wrong, you can log in to your Instagram ID through Facebook. This won’t happen if you haven’t previously connected those two accounts, so make sure you do it. This will be very beneficial as it helps you stay safe, and you will have the login or both the apps on one making it less time-consuming

Windows App

Try Fixing Sorry Something Went Wrong Error on IG using the Instagram web for login if this error occurs. You can choose any browser and just enter your credentials, and you are in. Windows 10 application for Instagram is also an excellent option for you as this will let you know about the bug super soon and help you solve your problem.


If you feel like your account is getting hacked or you think there are some glitches with your ID, you can just disable it for a few hours. Keep it that way. Since disabling an account happens through the web, use the third method first and then go on for the fourth one. Once disabled, wait for 2-3 hours before reactivating your account, and then you are good to go.


If none of these features work for you, just simply uninstall Instagram and reinstall it. This will get your latest version of Instagram installed, and you will also be free of the error. This is one of the common methods most users apply to ascertain any upgradation required by the smartphone or the Instagram app.