Instagram is the most popular app among other social media platforms because it offers many features to its users. It is already on the top charts of social media applications. But there are many bugs and glitches, among which there is a common bug called “ Unfortunately Instagram has stopped” But how to fix, unfortunately, Instagram has stopped error?


fix unfortunately Instagram has stopped error

As Instagram is easy to use and offers many marketing, video creation, and other in-app features, most social media influencers and marketers use Instagram to increase their visibility. Along with new features with every update, some bugs and glitches are also introduced to Instagram. Even if a developer tries their best, some bugs and glitches remain with the Instagram app.

In this article, we will be discussing how to Fix Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped error.

So Let’s Start!

Why Is Instagram Not Working?

Many users reported about the Instagram stopping error in previous days. The are many possible reasons for this problem- poor Internet connection, bugs, glitches, server issue, Device issue etc. If you are looking for possible methods for this problem, you’re in the right place. 

There are several possible methods to solve this problem. Below, we have mentioned some best-working techniques that will solve this problem-

Restart Your Device

Unfortunately, whenever you come across the pop-up message, Instagram has stopped working, immediately restart your device. Restarting is the most common solution for all problems and work in most cases. Press the power button, click on the restart button. Most of the time, restarting solves this problem.

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Clear App Storage & Cache

If restarting doesn’t solve your problem, you can clear the app storage of Instagram. Maybe, there can be a problem with your device storage or application, which can be solved using erasing the application data from the device. Also, make sure to clear the cache.

To clear app storage and cache, click on settings, click on applications, search for Instagram, and clear its cache and storage. Most of the time, devices are responsible for bugs and glitches, and problems can be solved by removing the app data.

Update The Application– fix unfortunately Instagram has stopped error

fix unfortunately Instagram has stopped error

Always make sure you have the latest update of the application installed on your phone. The bugs and glitches might be occurring due to the older app version, and that problem can be solved by updating the app. Also, remember to update the app from verified sources.

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Re-install the Application

Even if these previous methods didn’t work for you, you could uninstall and re-install the Instagram app. Maybe, there would be some problem related to the application, and the application will be re-installed.

Poor Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can be a significant reason for such glitches and bugs. If you are on a poor Internet connection, switch to a better connection to avoid such bugs.

Report The Issue

Whenever you come across any error or bug on Instagram, make sure to report that issue to Instagram. Also, you can report the problem through their help center.


There are a lot of reasons for causing Instagram has stopped error on your device. However, most of the errors originate with your device, and by following the methods mentioned above, you can solve them. If you are in a hurry to use your Instagram profile, you can switch over to other platforms like Desktop or Laptop. But remember, the web version doesn’t have all features available on Instagram App.

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram profile visibility and reach, you have to increase your impressions and followers on your profile. A large follower base can help you to rank your post higher. And with improved impressions on your profile, you can reach your targeted users.