Instagram is one of the hottest used social media platforms on the internet. It has taken the world by storm, especially amongst the newer generation who likes to spend most of their time connecting with other people. Instagram is the best place for people looking to show off their lives and their talent via images. It allows people to give little descriptions as well, and people get to add their friends and let them or the world see what their lives are like.


Instagram Stories
Different ways to promote your products using Instagram stories 16

Aside from Facebook, Instagram is one of the best places to promote your brand, since you can display your products via images or short videos. However, it is not just about posting your pictures to promote the product; you can also use the stories option. Many times people skip their news feed and go straight to the Instagram stories, so even if your image goes unnoticed, your account would be seen. So how do you use Instagram stories to promote your products?

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Use the stories to tell that you have a new post.

Sometimes it is not easy to get your picture noticed on someone’s feed; the best way to get through to your audience is to make a story where you announce that there is a new post on your wall. Those interested in your brand and products will visit the page themselves once they see the announcement for a new product.

It’s easier to make that post instead of uploading all the images to the story as people can get easily bored. It is a way to maintain attention while raising curiosity in those browsing through their stories.

new post
Different ways to promote your products using Instagram stories 17

Strategic plays on Instagram stories

Instagram story highlights are a useful tool to use when promoting your product. The best part about these features is that you can turn it up when you need to highlight something special on your business profile. It ensures that many people come to your page and view the offerings; it is also one of the best ways to show your clients what you are and what you are willing to offer them. Not only will this increase your sales, but it will also allow your customers to share their feedback about your products.

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The only thing you need to make sure when highlighting is that you do not highlight all the necessary factors simultaneously. Take it easy so that people have time to access all the information and can navigate as quickly as possible. The best topics to highlight when promoting include your About Us, Location, promotions, portfolios, testimonials, and IGTV.

Host a question and answer session

story and post
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If you have a lot of queries about the products, it is best to respond to them in the comments; another useful tool for answering all of them is going live and talking to the audience and letting them know the answers face to face. It is a valuable communication tool and one of the best ways to get yourself noticed.

If you do not have enough questions, then solicit questions by using Instagram stories. You can use the question sticker, which encourages your clients to ask you different questions. Leave the post up for a day so that enough people can see it and ask what they need to know.

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Make sure that you communicate beforehand via story and post, the time and date you will be going live to answer all the questions. That way, you will have an audience tuned in and waiting for you to begin the session. When you are live, check the question icon at the end, it will show you all the questions that have been asked by the audience. Clicking on the icons will make it pop up so that it appears on the screen for everyone to see. This way, people will also realize that their problems are being answered, which will bring them one step closer to buying the product. Just remember, questions may disappear if you wait for more than 24 hours.

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Try your hand at giveaways.

When you have social proof, you get the ability to become more visible to the audience. The best way to get social proof is by hosting a giveaway and sharing the campaign in your Instagram story. A great campaign would be to ask people to share their experience with you or share the campaign in their own Instagram stories and tag you as well in them. Upon completing the action, they enter a lucky draw in which they win a particular item. Ensure that the giveaway gift is impressive so that people are tempted to talk about it and want it enough to do what you have asked from them.

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If you want even more positive promotion, repost all the stories that the contest participants share on their accounts. Ensure that they are all positive and show that the users love your products and are willing to support you.

Use the countdown feature.

If you can create a sense of urgency in potential customers’ minds, then you know you have used your marketing strategies effectively. One of the best ways to do so on Instagram is to create a sense of urgency using the countdown feature in the stories section. The best time to use it is to have a new product launch coming up or if you are about to go live with an actual start.

When a person clicks on the countdown, they can get the remainder of the post before the launch, and once it finishes, the features ensure that the person is notified about the end of the countdown. This allows the person to visit the page and check out the products they had anxiously been waiting for.

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Promote the scarcity of the product

You probably won’t have an unlimited supply of a product, especially if it’s in high demand. If you have a product in a limited quantity, make sure that you have an attractive image conveying the message. Once you have announced the limited nature of a product, make sure that you update your customers on the number of products left. You can either do that by only posting the number of products left or coming up with something creative to show that the number of available products is diminishing. It will help you create a sense of scarcity, urgency, and social proof, which will get more people to view your page.


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