Delete Instagram Post using the following methods. Instagram allows you to post pictures and videos on your feed and share the happenings of your life with all the followers which is a feature used by over 1 billion people from different parts of the world. It is an equally effective way to showcase your most precious memories, like anniversaries or birthdays, or trips.

However, there are times when you post something on Instagram unintentionally or maybe you change your mind after posting the picture, then all that you need to do is permanently delete the post which can be done by following very easy steps. The posts that you want to delete can also be archived which makes them visible to you and none of your followers. There is no way of recovering the posts you delete on Instagram but you can always restore the posts that you archive. You can also use an Instagram post delete for deleting any post on Instagram. 

Instagram Post delete
How can you Delete Instagram Post? 4

How to delete Instagram post?

The steps that you need to follow for deleting a post on Instagram are as follows:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone and find the profile icon on the bottom right side of the screen. 
  2. Click on the profile icon.
  3. On the Instagram profile page, explore the picture you want to delete.
  4. Click on the picture to be deleted. 
  5. On the picture page, click on the three dots located on the top right side of the screen.
  6. In the pop-up which can be seen on the screen, click on the Delete button.
  7. You will see another pop-up window appearing.
  8. Click on the Delete option once again to remove the photo permanently.
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What can be the reasons to delete an Instagram post? 

There can be several reasons why you might want to delete many pictures on Instagram together. It can be so that you have thought of becoming an influencer and so, you now want to keep the professional pictures on your Instagram account.

You might want to make a change in your life for which you have to clear out all the earlier content to create space for new things or it also can be that you have a lot of old posts on your account which makes you feel a little embarrassed because you have come far away from what you used to be. Irrespective of whatever the reason is, you can delete an Instagram post as well as in bulk too. 

Instagram post deleter
How can you Delete Instagram Post? 5

Can you delete more than one Instagram post at once?

Till now, Instagram doesn’t enable users to delete more than one Instagram post at once. The only way by which you can perform this action is by making use of this app and deleting your Instagram account which will end up eradicating all your posts from Instagram.

However, there are so many third-party applications that can be used to delete several Instagram posts at once. There are several programs and apps which allow you to delete several Instagram posts altogether. However, before downloading any such third-party application, you must check its reviews and do proper research about it. 

Once you decide to use an Instagram post deleter app for deleting more than one post at once, you can go to the PlayStore or Appstore of your device and search for Instagram post deleter apps. After your search is complete, several apps will appear on the screen. You just need to check their ratings individually and gather more information about them by doing good research. 

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How is archiving an Instagram post different than deleting it?

If you want a particular Instagram post to not appear on your profile or be visible to the audience, you can archive it instead of deleting it permanently. Any post can be archived on Instagram for as long as you want. By doing this, your Instagram post will be hidden and your followers cannot view it anymore.

Archiving a post is completely different than deleting it because deleting the post is an irreversible action whereas archiving a post is reversible which means that you can restore your post anytime you want. Once you restore a post, it will be back on your Instagram profile with the same number of likes, comments. 

Deleting a post is way different than archiving it since archiving means you are just hiding the post from your followers because you don’t want the post to be viewed. Whereas, deleting an Instagram post means removing it permanently. Once you delete a post from Instagram, in no way you can get it back. 

Can deleting posts be bad for your Instagram account? 

It is generally not recommended to delete an already published Instagram post. The reason is very simple, Instagram doesn’t like anything to disappear all of a sudden just because it takes help from the behaviour of the users. This can be the reason why you need to be consistent in maintaining your Instagram account. The Instagram algorithm keeps awaiting your next move. It gives a prediction that your account will be active and consistent. You can just use the option of archiving an Instagram post rather than removing it permanently. The archive option is also very easy to use. 

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So, this was everything you need to know about the Instagram post delete. There are several Instagram post deleter apps available in the app market. These apps not just allow you to delete any single post on Instagram but they also enable mass deletion. You can use an Instagram post deleter on any device you want. However, before you finally decide on any particular app and download it, you must know everything about that particular app. Thus, it is recommended that you do the required research about the app before downloading it.