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Do you know the count of photos and that users upload on Instagram every day? Well, it’s a whopping 95 million! And, there’s something more in the store. Apart from timeline publishing, carousels and stories are adding more to the numbers. Now, with so much in the Instagram bucket, you cannot compromise on winning over the battle of being attractive in terms of visual social sharing. To bridge the gap between you and your alluring posts, you need to consider some coolest gadgets for Instagram

To be honest, there’s no particular way to grow one's Instagram account, but you need to tack all the steps together, whatever is involved. Among the list of ways, arresting one’s attention with the post comes under the top priorities. When you scroll through your news feed, what makes you stop for a few sec or engage with a feed? An eye-catching post, right? This is how it works; after all, it’s a visual platform. 

To make the most out of every single post, here are three things you need to be aware of. 

Photos or videos – Where Does the popularity lie?

With evolving time, the taste of people keeps changing and it applies in the scenario of social media preferences as well. Photos used to rule Instagram and that used to stand as a pillar for many successful profiles. However, with Instagram updating new features such as IG TV and stories, consumption of video content has taken a j-curve these days. 

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Engagement – What makes it possible?

Well, statistics show that posts, which include Hashtags, location tags, and tags for other profiles are more likely to get user engagement as compared to those which lack the same. 

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The Coolest Gadgets for Instagram – The Most Sought-after List

Who doesn’t want to monetize their hard work on social media? It’s for sure that if you have an influence over your followers, brands are going to approach you for promotion. In fact, 21 million posts are awaited to be sponsored this year itself.  And, here the vitality of appealing posts comes into the picture. To get noticed by well-known brands, your profile should have enough likes, comments & following, and to acquire them, your profile needs to have posts that can draw people’s attention.

So, to help you in creating mind-blowing Instagram posts, we have jotted down the coolest gadgets for Instagram. They can surely help you in enhancing the visual appeal of the posts and allow you to give them the desired touch of perfection. Here we go!

Seldi 7-in-1 Wearable Video Ring

While shooting self-videos or even clicking photos, keeping our hands free gives us more freedom to deliver the best. The Seldi video ring makes shooting and clicking an easy-to-do task. Talking about compatibility, starting from smartphones to digital cameras, this device covers them all. 

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TRAWO ultimate 4k action camera – One of the Coolest Gadgets for Instagram

Looking to impress with 4k clips and HD photos? Well, the TRAWO does the job pretty well with awesome video shoots at 30fps and HD photos with a 20MP sensor. In addition to this, it’s also capable of shooting slo-mo or time-lapse modes. One more reason which makes it listed as one of the coolest gadgets for Instagram is – it’s waterproof to 130 feet, making it an ideal camera for underwater adventures. 

Hover camera – It flies but isn’t a drone

A camera which can fly! Sounds cool? Wait! Don’t think that you are going to purchase a drone with a camera attachment. The hover camera is something different. All you need to do is to throw it into the air and it will automatically self-balance within seconds. Now think of a camera that is shooting from top and different angles, it’s certainly going to take your videos and images to a new level. 

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – Deserves a Mention in the list of the coolest gadgets for Instagram

Osmo Mobile 2 makes capturing cinematic movement at ease. It’s lightweight and functions are quite intelligent making this device an ideal choice for filming. With five different shooting modes, all you need to do is to select your subject and get ActiveTrack to flow. 

Samsung Gear 360

With the rapid advancement of technology and gadgets, it’s always cool for Instagrammers to keep themselves updated with the coolest gadgets for Instagram. And when it comes to keeping the best insta-gadget handy, the Samsung gear 360 portable VR camera deserves some sort of consideration. With this device, you will be able to capture, view, and instantly share your content over social platforms. 

Pictar – Handy iPhone camera grip

Do you shoot with an iPhone? Well, that’s already great for clicking photos. But, what about holding it as a camera? Pictar iPhone camera grip makes it possible! It’s not just the grip, but it delivers the feel of holding a DSLR with just your iPhone. Be it a selfie or shooting videos, pictar has external controls to let you shoot without any hassle.  

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Yi lite – Squeeze more into your HD videos

Go beyond the potentials of capturing with a smartphone, with the Yi lite action camera. Its wider angle lens lets you capture more making sure you don’t keep struggling to miss something in the edges. Not convinced yet? Well, its variety of shooting modes like slow-motion, loop recording, and time-lapse will surely convince you to call it one of the coolest gadgets for Instagram. Besides, it works pretty well under low light with a touch screen on the back which is convenient to use.

Insta360 Extended edition selfie stick – A whole different level of your photography

Starting from just 22.4 inches to 10 feet in range, the Insta360 is something that makes your selfies terraced. You can choose from six different ranges as per your preference and requirements at the moment. With such just gadgets, you are not only taking a step further in driving in the attention of your followers but it also adds fun to your experience while you build your content. 

Adventurous Instagrammer? – Try All-Weather External GoPro Power kit

Being an adventurous Instagrammer, it can be assumed that you already have bagged a GoPro. While you are in shooting mode through your adventures, your GoPro needs to be powered and protected. Well, with X~PWR-H5 you will never have to be worried about your GoPro running out of power. This gadget makes sure that your action camera is continuously powered via an external USB power source. 

With these coolest gadgets for Instagram, start building your own personal magazine which flourishes on Instagram. Attention is what we keep seeking after publishing content and these gadgets will surely turn it noticeable and bring the attention it deserves.  Need help in gaining more insta followers? Visit us now & let’s help you with this!