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Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps at the present. Therefore, naturally, it has millions of users active on its platform and if you are one of the users then naturally you must have at least once come across the checkpoint required error on Instagram.

If you are looking for what exactly is this checkpoint error and how to solve it then you have come to the right place.

What is a checkpoint required error on Instagram?

checkpoint required error on Instagram
Checkpoint Required Error On Instagram 5

If you are a Gmail user then you must be very familiar with the situation when you log in using another device and Gmail immediately sends you a notification on your usual device asking whether it was you who logged in from the given location and time.

The checkpoint required error on Instagram is similar to this.

Whenever you log in from a different device rather than your usual one then Instagram will send you this notification and ask whether this person was you.

The checkpoint error is a security measure by Instagram that mostly occurs when there is an unfamiliar or different login.

Why does this checkpoint error occur on an Instagram account?

There is more than one reason why this error is shown on an Instagram account. Instagram also uses this security feature to single out bots and fake accounts on the platform.

It is a very common thing so even if you do get a notification on your account regarding this.

These checkpoint errors also occur when the IP address is changed for the account user because Instagram can track your IP address and device.

This can also happen if you change your Internet Service Provider.

This happens because when you access from a different device or IP address Instagram assumes that someone else is trying to access or hack your account and therefore shows the notification of checkpoint required to verify whether the one trying to access is the owner or not.

Sometimes this checkpoint required error on Instagram is also displayed when you are already signed in. When this happens, you will be logged out of your account automatically and be taken to the checkpoint page.

This can happen when you are detected to be using numerous bots or automation or even if there are several complaints on your account like posts or comments.

Another cause for getting a checkpoint required error is when you use apps or tools that provide Instagram services unauthorized.

Like for increasing Instagram followers, Instagram likes, views, etc., many of these apps provide fake followers or bots that are detected by Instagram and can cause your account to be blocked or under scrutiny.

Therefore, be careful when choosing an Instagram-providing service, choose a service that has genuine and active followers, and don't fall for fake reviews that are meant to promote the site.

What are the solutions to the problem of checkpoint error?

checkpoint required error on Instagram
Checkpoint Required Error On Instagram 6

There is more than one solution for the Instagram checkpoint error.

First, verify that it is you who is trying to log in from another device by clicking on the 'it was me' option on the checkpoint notification that you received on your regular device.

In case of your account is reported multiple times for not following Instagram guidelines.

Instagram will let you access your account but under some restrictions like not being able to follow people anymore and you may even face difficulties when you try to log in to your account hereafter.

You can even try deactivating your account temporarily from Instagram to log in to any other device. Just enable your account after the temporary deactivation you can find the option in 'edit profile' on your profile page.

Measures to take to avoid getting Instagram checkpoint errors:

  1. Never use unsafe/fake/illegal sites to access your Instagram.
  2. Avoid using bots or fake followers from Instagram service providers.
  3. Always verify your email and phone number to avoid complications.
  4. Don’t access Instagram with VPN.

Follow what's given above, and you will be able to use your insta account smoothly without complications.