You want your brand to stand out on Instagram. This collection of inspiring case studies will inspire you. Instagram is popular photo-sharing platform. While it can be difficult for marketers should understand that Instagram is not just about selfies and video.

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Here are some examples from brands who took Instagram marketing beyond the ordinary.

1. National Geographic

The old saying goes, "Cream rises to the top." Instagram is a platform that allows you to discover the most interesting content. National geographic You could say that their photography is quite popular, with 74.2 millions followers. No gimmicks. There are no memes. There are only sensationally good photos that capture the imagination.

National Geographic is fortunate to have a small group of professional photographers at their disposal who travel the world every day. This is a great example of one thing done well. Focus on your niche to get started.

2. Adidas Neo

Spending millions of pounds on expensive ads placements is one way to market your product. Another option is to let your target audience do the legwork.

Adidas asked followers to make Instagram posts inspired by Adidas using the hashtag @MyNeoShoot. This was part of a campaign to promote their Neo brands. The best content creators were then invited for a professional photo shoot. Results would be posted on the Adidas YouTube channel. Adidas engaged the support of Selena Gomez to spread the word about their contest.

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Adidas generated 71,000 mentions for the #MyNeoShoot tag and gained 41,000 followers. It is clear that an imaginative contest can be enough to engage your audience. This also highlights the power social media influencers.

3. Bloom & Wild

Instagram results are possible even if you don't have unlimited funds. Bloom & Wild is a shining example of how Instagram ads can be used to grow your business.

The flower delivery business wanted to expand their reach. They decided to use Instagram. To make the most of their budget, however, they used their email list to target an audience similar to theirs on Instagram via Facebook's power editor. Consequently, they doubled their efforts.

Bloom & Wild saw a 62 per cent increase in their bouquet orders, and a large uptake of new customers commenting on their Instagram page . This is a great example of testing and keeping on top of your metrics will help you maximize your limited budget.

4. Bejeweled

Social media influencers have a particular impact on Instagram. The developers of mobile gaming app were certainly aware of this fact and teamed up with Instagram's top influencers in order to get millions to download the app.

Bejeweled presented the campaign through two YouTube shorts that featured people (and JiffPom canine influencer) using the mobile game to free themselves from boredom.

Campaign also featured top Instagram influencers like KoyaWebb and David Lopez who posted photos of themselves playing this game with the hashtag @shinyplace.These influencers encouraged others to do the same. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bejeweled's rank in Apple’s top-grossing US App Store Apps rose to 182 within one month of the campaign launch. This is the message: If you have the budget to pay influential people to promote your product, you can achieve amazing results.

5. Old Spice Dream Runner

Old Spice is well-known for its whimsical, witty advertising campaigns. Reputations can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth. How does Old Spice keep up with the latest in edgy advertising? How do you create compelling marketing collateral when your target audience has clear expectations? Old Spice discovered that social media was a new and exciting way to market their products.

That's exactly what happened in the Dream Runner Campaign.

Running has never been so easy. You have a lot of apps to track your running and highlight the routes that you have taken while you run around your city. You can also share the route you just completed on social media maps. Old Spice wanted this technology to be a part of theirs.

Dream Runner encouraged followers to share photos of running routes that they liked and use the hashtag #runoldspice. Campaign tagline: "If it's possible to run it, you can also own it." Aimia, an intelligence company, found that millennials are 44% likely to share a product on social networks if they are rewarded.

Influential Instagrammers played a key role in Old Spice's campaign success.

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Old Spice invited top stars such as Logan Paul, Kevin LaSean (entertainer), Shalvis (parkour specialist), and Kevin LaSean to join the campaign. These choices were very smart. These three options are all popular with the target population. All three focus on health and fitness. Logan Paul is particularly funny.

This campaign is an excellent example of reducing market friction by selecting influencers who are already aligned with your brand values in order to promote a product that will be liked by the majority of people exposed.


In this article we discuss many ways to use Instagram to offer freebies. To connect with your target audience, tap into the persuasive power of influential people. You don't need to be sales. You do need to be familiar with your brand. A little creativity can make a big difference in your results.

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