No matter how annoying small brothers are or no matter how demanding big brothers are, we still love them a lot, and life would be so boring and dull without them. Here are a few of the best Birthday Quotes for Brother to Use on Instagram and wish your brother a very happy birthday!

Even though one is not in a stage to gift one brother something, one can at least post about it over Instagram, wishing him for coming years.

One can even get followers and gift them to one’s brother and post it along with a cheesy quote.

Birthday Quotes for Brother to Use on Instagram

The Birthday Quotes for Brother to Use on Instagram

  • Being related to me is more than enough gift you can receive! Happy Birthday!
  • Brothers are really lovely and strange creatures. 
  • The primary reason got you a gift is because I want a gift for myself on my birthday. Happy birthday!
  • It doesn’t matter how much old you grow, you can be 70 and yet, still, you are my little brother. Happy birthday!
  • One of the best partners I will ever have. Happy birthday!
  • You are one of the trusted yet the least trusted people, my rival yet my best friend, my scary dude yet the loveliest person, Happy Birthday!
  • Every day with me is like a birthday to you, what more gifts you need? Happy birthday.
  • The heart is incomplete without a brother. 
  • It doesn’t matter how much old we grow: whenever we will be together, we can be kids and have fun! Happy Birthday!
  • You are the only person who knows how it feels to be brought up the same way I was: happy birthday!
  • Brothers are one of the people who will protect you no matter what. Happy birthday!
  • A brother is someone gifted by nature. 
  • A very happy birthday to my bulky bodyguard, my brother. 

The Quotes – Birthday Quotes for Brother to Use on Instagram

  • Brothers are nothing less than best friends. 
  • Elder brothers are nothing less than heroes for little brothers. 
  • There is no name for the love of a brother and no name for the love for a brother. 
  • I will never let you sleep peacefully, not even on your birthday: happy birthday!
  • I will help you no matter what times may come, just don’t forget to knock before you come in or no help for you, Happy birthday!
  • I will never be tired of annoying you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, brother! As for the gift, I will let you live peacefully for this single day. 
  • When there is no one, it’s you: it’s always fun to hang out with your brother. Happy birthday!
  • This day is the youngest you will ever be! Happy birthday.
  • There is this dude whose birthday is today. I happen to love him a lot: happy birthday brother!
  • You are one of my biggest supporters, my guy with whom I can share anything, the person I love from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday, brother!
  • Since you are born as my brother, it doesn’t matter how far we are: it doesn’t matter how much it has been since we talked: you will always be my brother. 
  • The excuses we gave to the mom of hugging each other when we were wrestling, happy birthday, and cheers!
  • Here’s to my annoying brother, whom I love very much: Happy birthday!
Birthday Quotes for Brother to Use on Instagram

Can one use these quotes on other social media?

The above-given quotes are just quotes said by other people: one can use them wherever one wants. Although when one uses a quote, ensure to provide the name of the person who said it. 

Final words.

There are many and plenty of quotes to express one’s love for a brother. But the given above for few of the best Birthday Quotes for Brother to Use on Instagram and other social media platforms.