Looking for ways to engage with customers? Share links to your stories about your brand to significantly help you reach more people.

Almost everyone with an online presence uses Instagram to connect with their audience. An effective and efficient way to promote your brand is by adding links to your website content on your social media pages. Since social media has such a broad audience reach, it is only relevant to bring in more followers through this platform.

You can share links through stories, your profile biography, and even through your posts. when you share links, your profile stays up to date and becomes more attractive for your followers.  

The requirement to use the links on your Instagram story is that you need to have more than 10,000 followers for your account. In addition to this, you should also be a verified user. However, you can still add links to your Instagram page through your Instagram bio without meeting these requirements.

To know more about how to add link on Instagram stories, read on.

 how to add link on Instagram stories

Here are a few steps on how to add links on Instagram stories:

  • Click on the plus sign on top of your Instagram account profile.
  • Click on the “story” option Or you can swipe left to open your camera.
  • After this, click on the “insert link” icon.
adding links on Instagram stories
  • In the pop-up, you can choose whether to link an IGTV video or a URL.
  • Click on the URL to link a website and choose the IGTV option if you want to link an IGTV video. You also have the option to tag a business partner.
 how can you add link on Instagram stories
  • Choose the URL for linking a webpage.
adding links on Instagram stories
  • You will be given a text box where you can type in the link you want.
  • Click on done
  • After adding the link, you can see a preview of how the link will be displayed on your story.
 how to put link on Instagram stories
  • You can go back and make any changes if you feel like it. You can post your story once you are satisfied with the preview.
 how to attach link on Instagram stories
  • After posting, people who view your profile will swipe up and go to the link you have provided. You can even view how well your link is performing and how many people have clicked on the link and visited the site using Instagram Insights.
add link on Instagram stories

Using CTAs:

To access any clickable link on Instagram stories, the viewers have to swipe up on the stories. An important aspect to remember when adding links to your Instagram stories is to add a “call to action” CTA. Even if you add a link to your story, if you do not prompt your audience to “swipe up” for the link, it may go unnoticed. You can make a video and add a swipe-up link or post a picture with the swipe-up link. Instagram influencers simply out the CTA in a video and verbally ask the audience to swipe up.

Here are some examples of CTAs that you can use on your stories:

“Swipe up to know more!”

“Swipe up to see the products.”

“Swipe up for more!”

“Check this out- Swipe up!”

Story Highlights:

add link on Instagram stories

Links give your business or brand more exposure and online visibility. You should note that since Instagram stories automatically disappear after 24 hours, you may have to upload stories and add links as needed frequently.

Otherwise, you can add your story to your highlights o that all your followers can go to the link even after 24 hours have elapsed. Another way to make your story last longer is by retrieving the old story from the archive and reposting it on your story. This is a more hassle-free method since you don’t have to keep creating the same story repeatedly.

You can even add a link on Instagram posts, but they will not be active or clickable links. For this method, people have to copy the link from the post and paste it Into their search engines to find out. You can also use bio tools that help you create landing pages for your links with several redirections using one single link.

3 benefits of using links on your Instagram stories:

  1. It will increase traffic to your website
  2. It is an easier way for your audience to engage with your content
  3. Increase the audience reach and eventually increase sales

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