Since everyone would love to receive free items, giving giveaways are an excellent way to attract more people to your page, business, or brand. Conducting a successful giveaway can have a direct impact on how people view your brand and business.

how to do a giveaway on Instagram.

It helps you as a business or a creator engage with your audience and even reward them for participating in your competition. It also boosts awareness of your brand among potential customers. Running a giveaway has a lot of benefits for your company and you as a brand.

Here is some more information on how to do a giveaway on Instagram.

Benefits of running a giveaway:

how can you do a giveaway on Instagram.
  1. Attract more customers and followers faster. Statistically, an Instagram page that conducts regular contests and giveaways grows 70% more quickly than those that don’t
  2. Increase engagement in your page with the current followers and even the new ones.
  3. It works as an aspect of your authenticity and credibility as well.
  4. Improve customer relationship with the brand or business. 

Step by step on how to conduct a giveaway on Instagram:

Pick out what item or service you want to give away as the end prize for participating in the contest/giveaway.

conducting giveaways on instagram

First of all, you need to decide what type of giveaway or contest you want to organize. This will help bring in the picture of what you might way to give away to the participants. When choosing the product or service you want to give away, you should take steps to ensure that it is related to your brand/ business.

This is to ensure that the new followers you obtain from this competition will not be just a one-time customer but a customer for your content daily.

Make decisions on how you can get people to engage in the giveaway.

running a giveaway on instagram

The best kinds of Instagram giveaway competitions are those that have minimal requirements/steps to follow. Such as following the page, leaving a comment, and tagging their friends in the comment section.

Additional steps can include commenting on a particular hashtag or sharing the giveaway post on their pages. In this way, you can get more people to join the competition and generate traffic for your post.

Create a unique hashtag that contestants/participants can use when participating in your giveaway.

how to do a successful giveaway on Instagram

Create a hashtag that is easy to remember as well as relevant to the competition or the brand. This hashtag is to be used solely for the competition so make sure that it is unique.

Decide how you will pick a winner for the contest.

how can you run a giveaway on instagram

Before announcing the giveaway, make sure that you have all the details right from contacting the winner to which tool you will use to pick a winner. Many people use a random number generator online to pick a winner, but you can use any analytics you want to choose your winner. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you tell the audience of this tool beforehand.

End the giveaway and review the results

conducting Instagram contests and giveaways

Review the number of likes and follows you might have gotten through the completion. Return to the insights and analyze the results to tweak some aspects for a better outcome for next time. It is also important to announce to your audience that the competition is closed.

Valuable tips on how to run a successful giveaway:

  1. Keep the rules simple and easy to understand. If you add too many variables, it can cause your audience to lose interest. 
  2. Compare your rules against popular trends on Instagram. This will make the activity worth doing for all users.
  3. Include a bonus for a few users. For example, you can ask participants to post your giveaway photo in their feed for a bonus entry. Since many people are pretty particular about adding pictures to their feed, this can be an option.
  4. Don’t make the giveaway or the context last for a very long time. The offer should be limited to attract more users, creating a feeling of urgency within the participants. 

Here is a video showing you how to do a giveaway on Instagram. You can also click this link to increase your likes on Instagram.