Instagram was known as a picture-sharing platform, but now it has evolved and stepped into the video-sharing world. We will be giving you a guide on instagram videos. This development was very exciting for those who run their businesses through Instagram. And now this feature on Instagram is more popular than the picture-sharing one. There are more than 70% of people in the world who market their business through Instagram and have online pages on the platform that connects them to their customers.

Whether you are making clients online through managing an Instagram page or running a business, you know that creating content for Instagram is a huge task. Communicating with your customers daily was hard, but now as Instagram has various features such as stories, boomerangs, and live videos, it has become convenient for everyone to connect with their clients more often.

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A Guide on Instagram Videos 6

How long can Instagram recordings be? All things considered, there are specific length prerequisites for videos on the Instagram feed, story, IGTV as well as Instagram promotions and Instagram live. In this guide, we have separated the Instagram video length requirements for every one of them.

Instagram Videos Length on Feed

In case you are uploading videos on your Instagram feed (that is also known as your fundamental Instagram profile), they are restricted to 60-seconds. You can upload a video that is longer than a minute, but you will have to choose a 1-minute segment from the video.

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When you have chosen your video and tapped ‘Next’, you have to tap ‘Trim’ and hold and drag your video until the moment you prefer to utilize is inside the handles. You can likewise drag the handles on the right or left to trim your video to a choice shorter than a minute.

Guide on Instagram Videos

Here are some tips to ensure that your recordings make the cutoff:

  • Use editing applications on your phone if you want to trim your content.
  • Think about what you have to say and practice it before shooting.
  • Feature the most significant part of the video right away.

Story Video Length on Instagram

Instagram stories are just like Snapchat stories; they will disappear after 24-hours. For Instagram stories, you have a 15-second cutoff per story. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you upload a video that is longer than 15-seconds, they will cut it into 15-second pieces for you. From our testing, it appears you will get four 15-second pieces, but this is for videos as long as 1-minute.

Instagram Videos
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Live Video Length on Instagram

If you are wondering about going live on Instagram, you will have the option to stream for as long as an hour. If you have a great deal to say, you can generally start the live stream again once the hour is up. Simply watch out for the time so you know when the live stream is finishing and when you have to bid farewell to your viewers. You will have the option to see people who tune in to the live video once you begin, and your viewers can like the video or leave remarks while you stream. At the point when you have completed the stream, you can save and re-share it for viewers who missed out on your live video.

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IGTV Video Length on Instagram

IGTV is comparatively new, however, many users have just found its purpose. You can upload videos that are between 15-seconds and 10-minutes long. If your Instagram account is verified or you have countless followers, you will have the option to post IGTV videos that are as long as an hour.

Instagram Videos
A Guide on Instagram Videos 8

In short, you need to keep these points in your mind while shooting or uploading a video:

  • Instagram feed video – 3-seconds to 60-seconds.
  • Instagram story video – 15-seconds.
  • IGTV video – 15-seconds to 10-minutes (up to 60-minutes for verified accounts).
  • Instagram live video – about 60-minutes.
Instagram Videos
A Guide on Instagram Videos 9

Following the Performance of Your Instagram Videos

Your Instagram account is special because you have worked so hard on your content, feed building, and much more. That is the reason why you have to follow engagement on your videos to see whether they are boosting or diminishing your goals via online media. You should check things like:

  • Commitment levels – what level of supporters drew in with each post.
  • Best occasions to post – on which time of the day you get the best outcomes.
  • Reach – what number of distinctive views are your posts getting.
  • Viewer retention – what number of individuals are watching till the end of your videos?
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On the off chance that you have a business account on Instagram, you can get to a ton of this information through the application. There is also a range of analysis tools available to enable you to calibrate your Instagram technique.

Types of Videos You Should Know

There are various types of videos out there, and part of making a compelling content-advertising technique is having a strong comprehension of your motivation before you settle down and make the video.

Here is a breakdown of where you can be utilizing various sorts of videos:

  • Explainers can help individuals learn about your product and can be used according to the guidelines.
  • Meetings can assist with motivating discussion between sides or feature a unique visitor or influencer. On the off chance that you are making videos highlighting special guests, for example, you can generally re-utilize the sound and market it as a digital broadcast.
  • Product surveys and demo videos can be made by brand ambassadors with the expectation of free items in return. If you can discover people in your industry hoping to gain support for their social media account, this can be an extraordinary method of getting free promotions. Doing this can also assist you with discovering data about the product if the individuals doing the video surveys have a great deal of commitment and give remarks. So one might say, it can work like statistical surveys.
  • Live video is the most obvious opportunity to get close to your followers.

Now you know everything about video-making, but these video length requirements can be changed in the future, so it is best to keep researching for more updates.