16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 15

If you want an Instagram killer plan you need to learn all of the platform's ins and outs. Immerse yourself in our Instagram hacks to ensure you know how to use any part of the app, from designing an attractive profile to copywriting captions.

We have broken down these Instagram hacks into categories so you can quickly find the parts where you need the most support.

General Instagram hacks

1. Get posting updates from your favorite accounts

Is there an Instagram account that you love? Or a feed for inspiration, you want to keep an eye on? Switch on Specific Account Post Notifications so you can receive push notifications when they publish new content.

Go to the Instagram Profile for which you want to stay up-to-date, tap the Follow button, tap Alerts, and choose to receive notifications for new posts, stories, IGTV videos or live videos.

Get posting updates from your favorite accounts
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 16

2. Save your favorite posts

Instagram lets you create the Collections and save the photos you love. Whether you're scrolling through your feed, the Explore page, or a specific account, if you find a photo that you want to keep for later, just tap the bookmark icon on the right side of the picture.

Save your favorite posts
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 17

3. Monitor the amount of time you spent on Instagram

Keep an eye out in the Instagram app for browsing your social media and screen time. Tap the hamburger menu from your profile, and pick Your Behavior to find out how much time you spent each day on Instagram.

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Monitor the amount of time you spent on Instagram
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 18

4. Limit your scrolling time

You can tap Set Daily Reminder in the exact same place, and set a time limit for how long you want to spend each day on Instagram. When your allotted time is up, the app will then give you a reminder.

5. See your Liked posts

Would you like to take a ride down memory lane? Tap the Hamburger menu and move over to your profile. Then go to Settings > Account > Updates that you have enjoyed.

See your Liked posts
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 19

6. Manage multiple account activities from one device

Instagram enables you to sign in and control up to five accounts from a single platform that is extremely beneficial to executives of social media.

Only go to your profile, go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom and then press Add Account. You will be taken to the login page to have your computer added to account.

You can then switch between the various accounts by holding down the profile tab in the bottom right corner until every account option appears.

Manage multiple account activities from one device
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 20

Instagram hacks for your bio

7. Add line breaks to your bio

Using different lines in your Instagram bio to clarify what your company does. But, this doesn't automatically make Instagram easy for you.

Instead of making line breaks in the app, simply open the Notes app on your phone and type your name, line breaks and everything in there. Take your bio from your Notes app and add it to your Instagram profile.

Add line breaks to your bio
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 21

8. Tag other profiles in your bio

When you add the profiles in your bio, they will be clickable automatically. It offers you the perfect opportunity to support your other on - the-app accounts.

Use this as an opportunity to add the handling of your business directly in your brand organ in your personal bio or add sister companies.

 Tag other profiles in your bio
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 22

9. Include hashtags

You can also include hashtags, just as you can connect to other profiles in your bio. This is a great way to promote any branded hashtags that your business may use for content that is created by users.

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Include hashtags
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 23

10. Change your bio’s alignment

Stand out and split or right-align your content from the crowd and the thousands of left-aligned accounts out there.

It's facile to do. Only copy the spaces between the arrows, but not the arrows themselves: > > randomly < < Then paste those spaces before each line of your organ. To perfectly center or right-align your bio, add or remove spaces as appropriate.

11. Include keywords in your profile name

Include keywords in your profile name
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 24

Place a few keywords in your profile name for the strategic industry (not necessarily your username) to make your account show up for even more results as people search for people in your industry.

Because Instagram users commonly search by keyword rather than username, adding a keyword to your profile name increases your chances of being identified.

For example, the Pattern Company at McCall has chosen to use "Sewing Patterns" as their profile name.

12. Use special fonts

Through using a website like LingoJam you can actually integrate fun and various fonts into your Instagram bio. Enter and copy your Instagram bio, and paste your favorite font into your profile. Get creative, particularly if the voice of your brand aligns with those font types.

However, before loading your Instagram bio or captions with these special fonts or unicode characters, bear in mind that for people using screen readers they are not available. Using it sparingly or for decoration but don't depend exclusively on these fun fonts because you don't want to block fans and followers from accessing your content.

Use special fonts
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 25

13. Add special characters

Take another move by using special characters to create a exclusive and entertaining Instagram Profile. Although you could still select only a few emojis from the keyboard of your smartphone, why stop there?

Alternatively, you can use a free software like Character Pad on your smartphone, or copy the Microsoft Word symbols on your laptop, and then paste them right into your profile.

Also, keep your screen reader-using people and fans in mind as we found out in hack #12.

Add special characters
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 26

Instagram story hacks

14. Swap highlight covers without getting them published in your story

Previously, to actually adjust your highlight covers, you had to post new highlight covers in Instagram story to your story.

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But right out of your camera roll, you can change your highlight covers now.

Only tap and hold the highlight you want to update, and then tap Edit Highlight on the popup that will appear. Tap Edit Cover, then pick the photo from your camera roll that you want as your new highlight cover.

15. Create shapes with text

Instagram Stories has several different fonts, meaning that you can customize your story material in several different ways. So play around to make eye-catching captions for your Stories with various symbols and fonts.

16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 27

For example, the Instagram Story above uses extended periods as backdrops to those text fragments in the Classic font. The asterisk may be used as stars or snowflakes in the Modern font, and 1's or lowercase l's can be blown up and turned sideways to create banners. Just be mindful of overdoing it with extra characters–like what we described in hack #12 on special bio fonts, screen readers will interpret these as individual text characters and cause confusion for those who rely on them to interpret your content.

16. Create ombré or rainbow text

Decorate your Instagram stories with the ombré or rainbow text formation. It is a fun effect but you have to practice it a lot of times because it can be difficult to master.

Create ombré or rainbow text
16 Instagram hacks every marketer needs to know 28

When you use the font of your choosing to compose your file, pick all of it or the words you wish to ombré / rainbow. You then need to use one finger to hold the words you chose and hold the other finger to the color you want to continue with.

Drag both fingers simultaneously across the screen, going simultaneously through the text and through the colors. To produce a rainbow effect, you must go from top to bottom or bottom to top to ombré the text with a single color, and front side to side.

To master it, you will need to do this process slowly, and get your colors right. Don't rush! It is well worth the end-effect.

Enhance your marketing on Instagram

Using these Instagram hacks to boost Instagram marketing and begin trying new tricks.