Instagram is a platform where anybody and everybody goes on sharing everything on it. But sometimes, we long for some privacy and the need to be very exclusive with who can see what. So much so that you can see so many queries on Reddit asking for "how to hide posts on Instagram?" At the same time, Instagram offers its users no such feature, at least not directly. Thus, if that caught your attention, let's begin.

How To Hide Posts On Instagram
100% Working Method On How To Hide Posts On Instagram 4

How To Hide Posts On Instagram

As mentioned earlier, there is no direct method to access the feature of hiding posts from others. While that may be true, there exist ways that are pretty simple and efficient. But yes, these might not be as easy as following an account, but still worth a shot. By following these steps, you'll have for yourself a feature that lets your hide posts from everyone or few users. Whatever it may be, let's get into the methods on how to hide posts on Instagram.

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Make Your Account Private

Turning your account into a Private one is the best way to hide your posts. But the limitation of the method is that it'll help you hide posts only from users who don't follow you. Thus, the accounts who follow you will continue to see your posts as it is. There will be no difference for the accounts that follow you.

With a Private account, anyone who wishes to follow you cannot do so unless you approve it. Also, you may decline their request to follow you. To make your account Private,

Step 1: Run your Instagram app.

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Step 2: Head to the bottom right corner and tap on the icon with your profile picture. That's the Profile section.

Step 3: Tap on the three lines stacked on top of each other. You can find it if you look towards the top right corner.

Step 4: Once you do that, a list of options will pop up on your screen. Tap on "Settings."

Step 5: Go ahead and tap on "Privacy."

Step 6: Under "Account privacy," you'll be able to see "Private account" with the blue toggle in front. Tap on that once. When you see that the toggle is white, your account is Private now.

Make Use Of The Archive Feature

If you're planning to hide a post from everyone, Archive it. It is, most definitely, the best way to hide posts on Instagram. On top of that, you don't even have to delete the post. Archiving simply stores the post for you in another domain in the app. Besides, if you feel like showing off the post again, you can simply post it back. There's no need to upload it as a new post.

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Another attractive feature about the Archive is that it literally hides the posts from everybody. That includes both the people who follow you and those who don't. So if you Archive your post, you can keep using your account as it is. You will not have to make your account Private. Follow these steps to Archive your post:

Step 1: Once again, go right ahead and run the Instagram app.

Step 2: Go to your Profile by clicking on the icon with your display picture on it. It'll be on the bottom right corner of your feed page.

Step 3: When you can see all your posts, tap on the post you wish to Archive.

Step 4: Once the post opens, tap on the "…"

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Step 5: Tap on "Archive" from the list of options. Doing so will send the post to the "Posts archive."

Archive your posts to hide it
100% Working Method On How To Hide Posts On Instagram 5

Block To Hide Your Posts

The last method is by making use of Instagram's Block feature. It's the best method if you're planning to hide your posts from specific accounts. Blocking the user/users will not only hide your posts from them, but it'll hide your entire account. They'll not be able to find you on Instagram at all.

To block a person, simply go to their Profile. Tap on"…" and select "Block."