Social Media Marketing for Writers offers professional writers easy how-to tips, tricks and ideas for promoting their published books or works-in-progress using social media.

Our everyday lives now include social media: we check Twitter for the newest hot takes, Instagram for our friends' Stories, Facebook for more updates, and so forth. Naturally, if you're an author looking to build your brand, market your writing, and engage with readers and other creatives, this is one of the best places to be!

It might be a fantastic chance to share our writing on social media. It promotes our writing and, ideally, results in a readership that will continue to profit from our content.

It may, however, also be a curse. Most authors struggle in obscurity and wind up spending more time promoting their work than composing because there are so many social media channels available.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about using social media for authors, including how to select the platforms to focus on, grow your audience, and eventually market your book. Starting with the subject of which platform to utilize, we'll present thorough advice and case studies from writers who have successfully used each before moving on.

Social media sites for writers

Social networking is a fantastic resource for both personal and professional use. It makes it easier for you to stay in touch with loved ones, followers, and future customers. There are several platforms available, each with a variety of distinctive features. Among them are, but are not restricted to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Now let's look at some of the platforms that authors and writers use. Which one is thus best for you? Exactly what you are searching for and how much time and effort you are ready to put into social media will all rely on you.


With approximately 200 million members actively using Facebook in the US, it continues to be the most widely used social network worldwide. Perhaps unexpectedly, most of its users are under 35 and male (57%), making up its primary user base. According to data, over half of Facebook users are members of a group, which is ideal for writers who want to promote in this way. As we'll explore below, Facebook groups are also one of the most incredible places to post author advertising.


In the US, Instagram has 120 million active users, with an equal gender split and a median age of under 35. Instagram engagement is at an all-time high – 1% across all sector brands (which might sound modest unless you compare it to Facebook's 0.25% and Twitter's 0.08%), which may be particularly notable for businesses trying to grow an ardent following.


Twitter has 68 million active users in the US, roughly 62% of whom are male, which is lower than the other big platforms because it's more of a news and idea-sharing tool than an entirely social one. However, it has a devoted user base and is highly well-liked among authors, who frequently choose sites that emphasize the written word.

Instagram for writers

A skillfully groomed Instagram account is essential for authors who want to keep in touch with the youths (we believe the irony of this phrase is self-evident). The good news is that Instagram is quite simple to use and access, so there's no need to publish on every Instagram channel continuously.

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Here is a summary for people who are unfamiliar with these features:

The traditional material that Instagram has always had is our posts. Most accounts upload two to three posts a week, displayed on their profiles and the main Instagram feed.

Stories are transient bits of content that only last a day. Authors may publish interactive material like polls, quizzes, and countdowns in addition to photographs and videos (to your book launch, for example). For significant subjects with more than ten pieces of material to present, you may also create Story Highlights that are permanently displayed on your profile (10 is the limit for regular posts).

Reels, an Instagram feature that was just added, lets users make short films that may last up to 30 seconds, similar to TikTok.

IGTV is for lengthier, more carefully crafted video content that lasts 1 to 15 minutes, such as Q&As, in-depth analysis, etc. You may even include these films in an ongoing series on a particular subject. They display under the IGTV page on your profile.

Finally, Guides are extensive stories visitors may swipe through to learn more about a subject. For example, if you had done setting research for a book, you would advertise it by creating a Place Guide to that place. Guide Types include Places, Products, and Posts.

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Guidelines for writers using Instagram:

  • Put the reader first:

Because of the vast #bookstagram subculture, Instagram is a reader's utopia. While you may interact with other writers on Instagram, you should focus more on readers' needs in your marketing. Think about making engaging guides, films, and story highlights related to literary topics and your writing!

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  • Organize freebies:

Similarly, Instagram is the ideal giveaway platform since it allows users to see precisely what is being offered. Offer your fans a free copy of your book, another author's work, or anything else they might find interesting. Because participation on the forum is so strong, you will surely get many followers and comments.

  • Above everything, stay authentic:

With all the extensively manipulated photographs, ghostwritten captions, etc., Instagram has a reputation for being "fake," thus, it's essential to avoid the label, unfair and incorrect as it may be, by being as sincere as you can. Give your fans what they desire most—the opportunity to learn more about you.

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