Your Guide to Find Influencer Instagram
Your Guide to Find Influencer Instagram 19

Finding the perfect influencer as a brand for your influencer marketing collaborations and campaigns can be very time-consuming. If the search process prolongs, it becomes expensive and more challenging. But it is crucial as a brand for you to identify the relevant influencer. Their vibe, image, values, and purpose should match yours when you are out to “find influencer Instagram.”   Instagram is the primary platform that brands go for when looking for an influencer for their campaign.


The question arises HOW do you “find influencer Instagram.”

This article is a step-by-step guide for you to learn the art of finding influencer on Instagram, both paid and unpaid ways.

How to efficiently find influencer Instagram?

How to efficiently find influencer Instagram
Your Guide to Find Influencer Instagram 20

It is essential to design an outline for your influencer marketing strategy before setting up your marketing campaign and taking a step towards “find influencer Instagram” and approaching them. You have to set up goals as a brand to have direction. Your goals may include:

  • Creative content creation
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased sales or app downloads (if any)
  • Increased subscribers (YouTube) or followers (Instagram or Facebook)

Influencers can majorly and considerably help you achieve your goals in several new and creative ways. But for that, you need to make the right choice. The right choice is made when you have an absolutely clear idea of what you aim to accomplish. Establishing goals would bring you closer to selecting the perfect influencer and designing a very effective and efficient marketing campaign for your product.

Criteria to follow

Criteria to follow
Your Guide to Find Influencer Instagram 21

There are nine things that you may take under consideration when you have to “find influencer Instagram:

  • Your Target Audience

You should find influencers with a relevant target audience as your brand in terms of demographics like age, location or gender etc.

  • Influencer’s Engagement

Engagement refers to how much an influencer’s followers respond via likes and comments. They must have a high engagement rate.

“Galaxy Marketing” offers influencers to buy genuine, organic, and targeted followers who will help them increase their reach and engagement by giving likes and comments.

  • Quality of Content

When you collaborate with influencers, they have the freedom to create content their way. It is essential to check that their content is creative, unique, and of a high quality while matching your requirement.

  • Influencer’s Relevance
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The influencer you choose to work with must fit in with your brand image. The target audience will be in alliance too.

  • Influencer’s Values

Your brand’s and chosen influencer’s values must align so that you both are always on the same page. Chances of clashes will decrease. They will advocate the brand better.

  • Influencer’s Authenticity

The influencer’s content has to be authentic and genuine. Only then can the brand develop trust and loyalty among the target audience.

  • Frequency of Influencer

Frequency is the consistency of the influencer. You have to see how often that influencer posts on their feed. The more often they post, ideally every 1 to 3 days, the more loyal and active followers they would have.

  • Reliability
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Make sure you trust the influencer; they are reliable, committed, and dedicated to their work. It will show professionalism.

  • Quality of Audience

Make sure the followers of the chosen influencer are not fake or bought but are genuine. If the influencer has many followers but engagement is poor, the followers must be fake.  

You might already have an influencer in your mind when you are out to “find influencer Instagram”. Go to their profile and evaluate it according to the criteria mentioned above.

Another way to “find influencer Instagram” is through hash tags. All influencers use hash tags under their posts. It helps increase their reach. Brands may search keywords as hash tags, and all relevant influencers will pop up.

Location tags are searched too. It is found to be beneficial when it comes to finding great profiles in relevance to your brand.


The process to find an influencer Instagram can be very time-consuming if you as a brand don’t have a direction. It is necessary to make sure you have a focus. The above nine pointers will help you get the focus. Once you know what you want and how to look for it most efficiently and effectively, you will find the most suitable influencer who will succeed in your marketing campaign.


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