Why Travel Influencer Had Been So Popular
Why Travel Influencer Had Been So Popular? 14

In the age of social media, traveling is going so common with the ever-increasing technology and latest trends. Through genuine content with the ongoing sources, influencers had been so popular these days. Travel influencers usually travel around the world for interesting content. Forbes reported that “Instagramability” of any destination plays a major role in driving travel choices among millennials.” The industry of travel influencers has set to accomplish a milestone of 10 million US dollars back in 2020. 

Usually what travel influencers do is create content about culture, travel, and tourism by roaming into cities as well as countries and sharing their experiences with the public audience. People who follow such influencers trust them with their content. They influence the readers by recommending them to new places so everyone has exposure to different spots. 

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Top 5 travel influencers

1. Murad Osman: Murad is one of the top travel influencers by Forbes. His “followmeto” campaign with his wife Natalia became iconic. They traveled together around the world to explore new places as well as to create more content while taking photos in their now-signature pose. His infamous photography has shown up everywhere from Times Square and at Art Basel.

Murad Osma
Why Travel Influencer Had Been So Popular? 15

2. Chris Burkard: Chris is based in the California Central Coast region who is known for his amazing landscape photos that have been taken from a height. The goal of those images is to show an aerial view in art as well as include occasional subjects of humans and animals. He is a professional photographer, author, speaker, and one of the most followed travel influencers. 

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Chris Burkard
Why Travel Influencer Had Been So Popular? 16

3. Jennifer Tuffen:  He is one of the top travel influencers in British. She is well known for her colorful and dreamy portrayal of some of the most coveted travel destinations. Her Instagram account is that of a storybook that showcases the most lavish hotels, food, landscapes, and much more. 

Jennifer Tuffen
Why Travel Influencer Had Been So Popular? 17

 4. Jack Morris: Jack is one of the top Australian travel influencers who is based in Bali and travels the world with his better half. A fellow top travel influencer. He is infamous for his adventurous type of travel photography with a modern look. He is one of the most coveted influencers having worked with brands like American Express.

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5. The Bucket List Family: It is based out of Hawaii, which is one of the most popular family travel accounts. They are popular for providing kid-friendly ideas for family vacations. Their colorful photos and upbeat personas have amassed 2.4 million followers on their Instagram account.

The Bucket List Family
Why Travel Influencer Had Been So Popular? 18

Businesses of the Travel Influencer

The income of these travel influencers is generated through brand co-operations and affiliated links. They collaborate with the companies. Many of the influencers, especially those working on Instagram says that the brand sponsorships are their main source of income, with brands set to spend 15 billion dollars on influencer marketing. Instagram is a place where travel influencers are like a swarm; some of them pay for high engagements on their accounts. Although, they were already popular these social media platforms have made them even more. The biggest benefit of paying for an Instagram growth service is the exponential growth in your Instagram followers and engagement. With the advent of the global pandemic, the profitable travel influencer market has become more challenging. According to Kantar, in the COVID-19 era, social media engagement rates were higher than ever with growth rates as high as 33% in the case of Facebook.

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With financial resources, these travel influencers get the chance to explore new and exciting places so they can have the exposure of experiencing and exploring different spots, cultures, heritage, and ethics of the various societies, which are quickly becoming the norm in the industry. For example, if a travel influencer travels around Europe, he’ll be having all the knowledge and information regarding people residing there. When someone travels around India, he usually gets to know the type of spices and taste of several cuisines being made there.