Why is Influencer Marketing Effective
Why is Influencer Marketing Effective? 4


It is important to understand the true image of influencer marketing. Marketers ask persistently, why is influencer marketing effective? It is a market strategy that promotes a brand’s products and services with the help of content creators, influencers, and bloggers. They engage with the audience and share the brand’s message. Many major brands have shifted their focus towards this marketing. It helps them increase their authenticity. Brands use real people in real-time. They show less fakeness with more positive outcomes.

It is the future of digital marketing and content creation. The question “why is influencer marketing effective” always arises while designing marketing plans.  Many marketers prefer it over other marketing strategies. A few years back a survey was done which revealed that more than 60% of the marketers chose digital media for their activities. They believed that digital media is the future and through influencers, huge profits can be made.

Influencer marketing is done in a few steps which are as follows:

  1. Brands connect with influencers.
  2. They create amazing content about the brand.
  3. The audience gets to know about the brand (its products or services).
  4. Their followers become the new customers of the brand.

Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Why is Influencer Marketing Effective
Why is Influencer Marketing Effective? 5

Brand awareness is achieved successfully through influencers. They are trendsetters today, what they do a lot of people do it too. For example, their followers would ask them to test some product. If they give a good review, many will buy that product

They create content about the brand which they expect is what the target audience wants to see. This is further used in their marketing campaigns through emails etc.

Instagram is the most known social media site in the world for digital marketing. It is very effective to attract people to make them buy the brand’s product. Fakeness and frauds have increased so much that customers do not trust, what they see. Customers want recommendations from (real) people whom they find authentic. Here influencers come into play.

Galaxy Marketing” provides the service to get organic and genuine followers for the influencers; to help them increase their reach, and make them an ideal candidate for collaborations with brands.

Also, it brings new customers to a brand and offers more opportunities for them to grow. Along with brand awareness among the existing customers, it also results in brand loyalty and customer retention. Through influencers, brands are able to create new and fresh content every time in ways that would interest their customer. They make it easy for the brands to approach customers. Brands win over their customers through their originality and authenticity.

Influencer Marketing in a Bigger View

Influencer Marketing in a Bigger View
Why is Influencer Marketing Effective? 6

There is confusion that Influencer marketing is only done on Instagram posts or YouTube videos. But it includes much more than just this. That is why it’s more effective:

  1. Reviews of products on social media
  2. Unboxing videos
  3. Show products in their own way (not necessarily directly mentioned)
  4. Use influencers to create videos, blogs, and social media ads for a brand
  5. Support brand’s social activities, actively participate in them, and invite their followers to join them
  6. Giveaways on their social media pages
  7. They partner with brands to do paid collaboration posts
  8. Brands share a coupon/discount code with their partnered influencer; this attracts their followers to shop just to avail of that discount.

Such aspects of this kind of marketing make it so much more personal. It shows “why is influencer marketing effective”. Many organizations are now focusing to become customer-based and it helps them achieve it.

The impact of influencer marketing on brands is huge. Not only in terms of profitability but also in terms of building relationships with the customers, developing trust, bond, increasing loyalty, and customer retention.


It has grown over the years and keeps growing. Word of mouth and social proof that come with it, no other marketing strategy can provide that. That is why brands, small scale or large scale, all their marketers are choosing digital marketing, influencer marketing in specific. Customers think the influencers are their peers and friends. And one would trust theirs. They like and trust them. They prefer to communicate with them than the brand itself, the reason for its success.