Why are Influencer Marketing Agencies Needed
Why are Influencer Marketing Agencies Needed? 6

What are Influencer Marketing Agencies?

"Influencer marketing agencies" work as a middleman in the process of this kind of marketing. These agencies search through many influencers and take the ones that match their requirements. Agencies select, approach, and contact the best ones. Then they look for companies who are willing to partner with one of these people for a campaign. They reach the brand and understand its requirements, needs, values, and message. The agency then looks through its people, searches for the best candidate, and puts forward the offer.

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Running campaigns and the whole process of connecting these people with the respective brands takes up a lot of time and energy. They show what they can do. The agencies take care of everything, from logistics to client contracts to handling all the tasks. The social media people have to do almost nothing. Their job is to create the best content for the brand. The agencies then cut a percentage of their commission from the brand's money, and the rest goes to the influencer.

Purpose of Influencer Marketing Agencies

Purpose of Influencer Marketing Agencies
Why are Influencer Marketing Agencies Needed? 7

It may happen both ways: in some cases, "influencer marketing agencies" approach the brand to work with them. While in others, brands contact them and briefly explain about their campaign. Brands must tell the agency about their expectations to avoid any gaps and chances of errors. A few common requirements of every brand include:

  • They want the viewers to change into customers
  • They aim to have more traffic on their website, social media pages, etc.
  • They want more downloads (if part of the brand)
  • They want increased and improved brand awareness (it is the top requirement)

All the brands wish to achieve this by partnering with these people

Once the agency accepts the brand's offer and is appointed, there are a few things that every agency does step-by-step:

  1. Start by making a creative content guide. Every brand is different, with different messages and needs.
  2. Design and plan a timeline for the campaign (what will happen when).
  3. Do some external research and find all the relative information on the brand, its industry, audience, and competitors.
  4. Do internal research to look for the person for the campaign.
  5. Reach out to the influencer, contact them, brief them about the campaign and sign a contract.
  6. Look after the management and content production by these people.
  7. Keep a strict check on how the campaign is working.
  8. Report every step of the campaign's success to the brand.

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How do these Agencies Capitalize?

How do these Agencies Capitalize
Why are Influencer Marketing Agencies Needed? 8

Such marketing agencies typically charge a monthly fee for managing the client's campaigns with their people on social media. In some months, agencies may handle many clients. While in others, they might not. Due to this, their earnings vary. Some "influencer marketing agencies" charge their clients on a campaign-to-campaign basis.

When agencies work with a brand for different campaigns, they develop a bond. Due to this bond, agencies give good discounts to the brands to make the bond stronger and have them coming.

The commission that the agency would cut from the whole amount may differ from campaign to campaign. The payment usually depends on the size of the drive and its requirements. Every person and their creativity is different. Agencies change how they charge their clients depending on the whole thing.

Apart from general ones, there are targeted agencies like:

  1. Instagram Influencer Marketing Agencies
  2. YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies

If the agency is Instagram-focused, it will not accept a partnership from brands that want YouTube marketing.


Agencies have been a part of the marketing world for many years now. "Influencer marketing agencies" are not a very old concept. But it is successfully prevailing. The mode of function for every agency varies from the other. Some are general and stick through all the campaign steps and cater to all. Some are targeted and only take in specific clients. Selecting the kind of brand you want to work with hiring the right person for the job, all these steps are planned in a particular way.