When did Influencer Marketing Start
When did Influencer Marketing Start 4

New methods of marketing are getting famous among companies in the modern corporate world. They tend to build brand awareness, contact, and increase innovation. Besides, 93% of marketers use influencer marketing. It helps people follow you through tools like Galaxy Marketing. This strategy proved to be so helpful. The reason is that 69.8 percent of businesses will be more active in 2019.

How did we end up here? The concept of influencer marketing has lived for a long time. People relied on TV advertising before social media. So, we’ll go through the history of influencer marketing. We will talk about when did influencer marketing start.

Phase 1: The Pioneers.

Since the 18th century, marketers have been relying on famous people. Josiah Wedgwood was a British potter whose painting won acceptance in 1765. It led to gifting him the official title of “Her Majesty’s Potter.”

Wedgwood depended on his new rank and sold his ceramics as “Queensware.” It was the world’s first luxury brand. People started coming to his company and asking for work. It led to reviving his brand.

Phase 2: Fictional Characters.

Fictional Characters
When did Influencer Marketing Start 5

During this time, there was an increase in the number of people who tried to be selfless. The Coca-Cola popularization of Santa Claus is the most famous example. It used the Santa Claus photo to communicate joy during an undesirable term.

It decided to boost beverage sales at the height of the Great Depression. It stressed the importance of remembering its positive ratings to its viewers. After decades, brands used fake qualities such as Quaker Oats’ “Little Mikey.” It acts to change consumer purchases. A child enjoyed Quaker Oats’ cereal in the commercial “Mikey Likes It.”

Brand thought, their target audience would connect with the boy and think, “If Mikey likes it, I’ll enjoy it.” The promotion was so successful that it got a Clio Award in 1974 and remained on the screen for 13 years.

Phase 3: Celebrity Endorsements is another factor of when did influencer marketing start.

Then presented the celebrity endorsements. Those were honest people with simple interests. Moreover, they had large fan bases due to their popularity. Thus, they can enable customers to spend on what they promote. So, companies like Nike and Pepsi create agreements with celebrities. They did advertise their products in return for attention.

But, star support became less helpful. It was because the people couldn’t link to luxurious lifestyles.

Phase 4: Reality-TV.

Suppose we look at the Reality TV shows like The Bachelor. They proved helpful in making a relation between real and digital life. Also, it is an important stage to when did influencer marketing start. Whether we accept it or not, some got attracted to television’s personalities.

Since these shows always depend on “reality.” Hence it means the celebrities are more natural and honest than usual. Reality TV stars surfaced with social networks which has blessed them with popularity and increased public involvement.

Social media- another Phase of Influencer Marketing start.

Social media
When did Influencer Marketing Start 6

Social media allowed everyone to discuss their daily life with the world. Of course, stars have a large following due to their importance. It was due to their strong relations with their followers. These “common” people become known as influencers. It was due to their power to change the selections of their audience.

Influencers are more like us than stars or TV models. They don’t all live in expensive houses or travel in a private plane. But, they provide relatable content about every opportunity in their lives. Their followers have given them trust and care. It is because of their constant honesty.


To conclude, these are the phases of when did influencer marketing start. Influencers have run social media marketing. Also, they aren’t moving anywhere shortly. The industry has also tested with virtual influencers. Brands are driving up to work with this exciting upcoming way of marketing. It is because more of them have become well-known on social media platforms.

Brands no long find influencers on their own. They connect with influencer marketing for campaigns with the help of Influencer Matchmaker.