What is the Purpose of Influencer Marketing
What is the Purpose of Influencer Marketing? 6


Consumers always look up to experts, peers and friends for recommendations to make a purchase decision. Clearly, influence has been an integral part of consumers’ buying behaviors. It is not wrong to say that influencer marketing has been around for ages now; only the mediums or platforms have changed.

People trust social influencers on Instagram more than fancy marketing campaigns with celebrities. Brands, therefore, prefer these social media influencers over celebrities for the promotion of their products or services. Brands need to understand “what is the purpose of influencer marketing” when they approach an influencer for a promotional campaign.

This article will highlight five most important purposes of influencer marketing that brands do.

What is the purpose of influencer marketing?

Only a purpose-driven influencer strategy can bring success. Following are the five goals or purposes of influencer marketing your brands should focus on.

1. Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
What is the Purpose of Influencer Marketing? 7

One of the most critical influencer marketing goals a brand should focus on is to increase its brand awareness. People will only become your customers when they recognize you as a brand. It would help if you focused on influencer marketing strategies to get your brand mentions, followers and shares. Influencers can encourage followers to share their branded content using relevant and effective hashtags. The following strategies can help an influencer achieve brand awareness for you:

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  • Brand Mentions

You can ask the influencer to spread awareness about your brand by repeatedly mentioning it in front of their audience. The influencer you partner with must have similar core values and target audience.

  • Product Reviews

Influencer can feature your products and its attributes on their posts or stories. However, it needs to be more of a review, an experience that the influencer shares. It must not sound forced.

  • Giveaways

The influencers can do a giveaway in collaboration with your brand. Giveaways will get you brand exposure, attention, potential customers and reach to large audiences.

2. Traffic

What is the Purpose of Influencer Marketing? 8

Another essential purpose of influential marketing is to boost traffic on your website. You should focus on getting traffic that is relevant to you and create a new audience into customers. Not all traffic can be considered equal. To drive traffic to your website consistently, you focus on creating engaging content, which can be done through influencers:

  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Social Media Content

3. Sales and Lead Generation

One of the primary goals of any marketing campaign is to generate leads to sales and profits. If one of the purposes is to make profitable sales, relying only on shout-outs through influencers of your page and product will not be enough. It would help if you had more in depth strategies that will get new customers:

  • Affiliate Marketing and Discount Codes

The influencer can be added to your PR List and provided with a discount code with no deadline. The influencers can talk about it time to time on their page to have the audience engaged.

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  • Collective Shout-outs on Instagram

92% of marketers believe Instagram to be the most productive when it comes to influential marketing both for the influencer and the brand. Collaborating with more Instagram influencers will help you generate more leads.

4. Social Media Followers and Engagement

Social Media Followers and Engagement
What is the Purpose of Influencer Marketing? 9

Focusing on your brand awareness will eventually reflect on your social followers and engagement. No matter what your follower count on social media is, you always wish to grow them. So, build strong bonds with the influencer.

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5. Reputation

Every brand wants to strengthen its brand image and earn a good reputation among its potential customers. The best way to do this is to build meaningful partnerships with relevant influencers.


Consumers trust their favorite influencers. Brands need to understand “what is the purpose of influencer marketing.” These influencers will help you convert people into loyal customers for your brand. The purpose of influencer marketing is to leverage an individual’s influence and power to promote a brand. When an influential person endorses a brand, their fans are likely to take note and put some trust in it.