What Is An Influencer Campaign
What Is An Influencer Campaign? 5


Influencers and influencer marketing, we have heard, read, seen, and experienced them so much that hardly there would be anyone unaware of it. Every person has a smartphone with social media apps just one click away. Through influencer campaigns, brands pay for partnerships with them. Now “what is an influencer campaign”?

The idea of influencer marketing campaigns began in 2006. In the past 15 years, the whole concept has evolved. Influencers today with a huge following today, started when many didn’t even know there was something like this. They were initially bloggers sharing pictures and videos about their life or their area of expertise. They would also collaborate with brands, mostly small brands, to promote their products and earn a little. As their following increased, from bloggers somehow they shifted to being influencers. Their followers would love their content, would trust them, believe them and follow them. They would copy them.

Slowly larger scaled brands started to step in doing paid influencer campaigns to promote their products among their followers. Influencers would either approach the brand or vice versa. Influencers, through these marketing campaigns in collaboration with brands, would help them create noise about their existence and their newly launched product.

This article will highlight the core idea of an influencer campaign.

Features Describing what is an Influencer Campaign

Brand Promotions

Brand Promotions
What Is An Influencer Campaign? 6

An Influencer campaign is a way for a brand to promote their products through endorsements or recommendations from them because they are the content creators on the internet. Influencers promote products by either mentioning it being a paid promotion or through product placement in their pictures or videos. It is placed in a way on purpose that it will catch the attention of the viewers and as a result, they will ask about it. Brand promotion is successfully done.

Brand Awareness

Many times, instead of sales, the main KPI for these influencer campaigns is related to brand awareness. In the end, the campaign, if successful, gives many new customers and sales. Brands aim to increase their reach, more people know about their existence. They wish to increase engagement, know what people think about them, and wish to see in the future. Brands personally connect with their customers and influencers for this purpose. They want to bring traffic to their official page and website to eventually result in sales.

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A Full-Time Career

 In the beginning, money bloggers, whatever they would earn through paid promotions would go in as side cash. The money wasn’t enough to be considered as a full-time career. However, today’s influencer marketing is not the same. Huge names are part of the loop now carrying out huge marketing campaigns with influencers. The price is good. Such 2 to 3 collaborations in a month make them earn enough to call it a full-time career.

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By the Numbers

90 % of the brands today, around the world are prioritizing influencer-marketing campaigns to promote their new launches or mega sales instead of going on TV ads or print ads. Influencers speak for them and prove to be profitability that is much more personal.

Influencers as Ads

Influencers as Ads
What Is An Influencer Campaign? 7

Influencers themselves become TV ads promoting the brand. They understand the expectations of the brand, plan out ways to fulfill them, think creatively, shoot it, post it and both the brand and the influencer enjoy the fruit.

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Success of a Campaign

 There are ways through which the success of the campaign can be measured. As a brand, you can create hashtags. Hashtags will help you know who is using them, how much one is using them, and in what context is it being used. With the usage of specific hashtags, the success rate of the influencer campaign can considerably increase.


These campaigns are similar to any other marketing campaign: research set a budget, set goals, search for the right influencer, and approach. Influencer campaigns are here to stay however, their dimension has completely changed. There are some unique factors for working with influencers, making these campaigns so successful and consistent in their job.