Top 8 Micro-Influencer Agencies you must follow in 2022
Top 8 Micro-Influencer Agencies you must follow in 2022 7

Customers are best known by brands. A reputable agency, on the other hand, will have a superior understanding of the business and micro-influencers. When it comes to micro-influencer marketing, this is a capability you can leverage when working with an agency. Before making a final decision, like with any other purchase, it's a good idea to look at a few different vendors each with different perspective and price.

Micro-influencers can provide a higher return on investment, material that is more genuine, a greater amount of information, and more fan engagement than the influencers with larger followings through the help of several marketing agencies such as Galaxy Marketing. For such factors, brands are opting for a large number of micro-influencers rather than a few personalities, macro-influencers, or mega-influencers to increase production. Therefore, here is an in-depth overview of the top 8 micro-influencer agencies in the world to help you choose the ideal agency partner.

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1. ApexDrop

Top 8 Micro-Influencer Agencies you must follow in 2022 8

ApexDrop is a highly scalable solution that allows users in the United States to easily execute initiatives and create authentic content. But, unlike the competition, ApexDrop rewards micro-influencers with product incentives rather than cash. As a result, only influencers who are passionate about your organization will create genuine and engaging sponsored content. This approach fosters confidence. ApexDrop, being one of the first micro-influencer agencies, has standardized systems and procedures to make scaling up simple and cost-effective.

2. Heartbeat

Heartbeat links brands with social media-savvy parents, environmentalists, pet enthusiasts, and internet users who fit your brand's target demographic. With over 250,000 micro-influencers on its list, the agency can help you launch sustainable influencer-style marketing on TikTok or Instagram. Heartbeat not only provides an automated integrity gate to identify the top talents for every campaign but also gives influencers advice on what to share.

Top 8 Micro-Influencer Agencies you must follow in 2022 9

With 500,000+ influencers throughout many major partners and a presence in 6 continents, this is a leading full-service influencer marketing agency. From planning and engagement through product shipment and evaluation, covers every aspect of influencer marketing. Amazon, Ulta, Lyft, Google, Coca-Cola, and Hasbro are all using their software and services to assist their influencer marketing campaigns.

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4. Social Native

Social Native is also among the micro-influencer agencies founded by Salesforce, Google, Scopely, and Applied Semantics experts. It integrates marketers with nano, micro, and macro-influencers to produce cost-effective and meaningful content. The platform's content production engine is the platform's Differentiating factor. It nominates the strongest influencers and qualifies them to generate sponsored content according to the client's demands once you disclose the marketing or aesthetic objectives. The system then promotes top-performing articles and stores influencer content for later exploitation.

5. InBeat Agency

InBeat Agency
Top 8 Micro-Influencer Agencies you must follow in 2022 10

When it comes to dealing with TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram influencers, you want to get the most value for your investment. By facilitating influencer research, contact, engagement, compensation, contracts, and planning, InBeat can help your in-house group conserve attention, cost, and energy. This micro -influencer agency manages complicated, precisely focused programs and provides artistic control for social influencers, while also ensuring that marketing outcomes are enhanced.

6. Collectively, Inc.

Collectively, Inc.
Top 8 Micro-Influencer Agencies you must follow in 2022 11

Collectively Inc has been linking brands with micro-influencers to develop authentic promotional material over the last decade or so. It can be counted on to deliver a full-funnel effect through micro-influencer marketing owing to the latest infrastructure, personnel, and concepts. This full-service agency has a network of over 3 million global followers. It also aids in the identification of the best content provider in terms of specialization and ethnicity.

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7. Top Worldwide

TOP is a multi-agency network featuring a micro-influencer advertising department. It provides experienced tactical and innovative suggestions to help your micro-influencer marketing campaign achieve higher participation rates. As a result, the agency ensures precisely focused and engaging content as well as an expressive storyline to give a higher return on investment for every campaign.

8. Cohley

Cohley's media platform gives you the ability to up-coming photographers and videographers. It may also assist you in leveraging the reputation and accessibility of top micro-influencers to express your brand's narrative through compelling branded photographs, videos, or text evaluations. To cut down on content costs much more, Cohley allows marketers to keep the license to use and repurpose influencer data throughout the marketing platforms.


Finally, since their material is concentrated on a certain specialty, interest, or field of expertise, micro-influencer agencies are particularly helpful to brand marketing. Organizations may more accurately target their marketing owing to their relevant content. In return for money, item offers, or experiences, micro-influencer marketing involves converting these fully motivated influencers into brand ambassadors.