Top 6 Makeup Influencers You Must Follow in 2022
Top 6 Makeup Influencers You Must Follow in 2024 6

Who wouldn’t want to look good? For marketers, the beauty profession is one of the most prevalent. Beauty influencers, professional makeup stylists, habitual makeup customers, and stay-at-home aesthetic fans can all build a reputation. Makeup influencer may create their distinctive stamp on the business by sharing the items they have been using for their unique designs and their perspectives on the latest beauty ideas on visually focused social media platforms.


There are top 6 beauty influencers who are dedicated to sharing their expertise and demonstrating how to achieve beauty in a variety of ways, from simplicity to amazingly. These influencers have a large number of engaged followers and a huge fan base. Their fans are motivated to search out the beauty goods that their trusted experts recommend.

1. Robin black 

Robin black
Top 6 Makeup Influencers You Must Follow in 2024 7

A beautician with an extensive understanding of the cosmetics industry. She photographs models wearing her innovative makeup techniques to create dramatic shots of stunning clear faces, combining a naked classic appearance with a concentrated prominent feature. Her Instagram account always features the women’s faces against a soft plain wall to highlight her unique palette and skill.

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Robin Black has 138.1k Instagram followers. The majority of the account’s subscribers are women who enjoy the beauty, makeup, and grooming. Robin has 45 percent of her fans from the United States, and 44 percent are between the years of 26 and 32. Her Instagram participation rating is 1.99 percent.

2. Jade Marie

Jade Marie is a cosmetics professional and artist who believes that skincare and beauty treatments are essential for a radiant complexion. She shares images, videos, and IGTV episodes with her fans, demonstrating her beauty routines and preferred looks. Jade prefers a sculpted and glossed face, and she explains her top tips for looking groomed.

On Instagram, Jade Marie has a massive 1.2 million subscribers. Makeup, eyeshadow, and beauty blogs are among her fans’ interests. Jade Marie has a 1.05 percent audience engagement.

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3. Tailor-Made Jane

Tailor-Made Jane
Top 6 Makeup Influencers You Must Follow in 2024 8

She is a Las Vegas-based cosmetic artist who shares images and videos of her regular beauty looks with her viewers. She prefers to wear heavy, expressive eye makeup with a neutral lip tone. Her everyday makeup inspiration comes in the form of a variety of videos and courses taken selfie-style in her day-to-day living. Tailor-Made Jane has a 323.4k fan base, which she was able to gather through buying the likes and followers from the top websites such as Galaxy Marketing. The majority of her followers are of African heritage, with the majority being from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Tailor has a 3.95 percent audience engagement.

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4. Ryan Potter

20-year-old Ryan Potter is a Seattle-based makeup influencer. His go-to style is beautiful, with a splash of color owing to his judicious amounts of blush. Ryan shares images of his everyday appearances with his extravagant makeup looks. He’s been posting IGTV clips frequently to show off his meticulous process.

Ryan has an almost 366k fan base. He caters younger audience, with 57 percent of his viewer being under the age of 26. Ryan also challenges conventional gender stereotypes, with 17 percent of his following being male. Ryan has a 4.78 percent user engagement.

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5. Katie Jane Hughes

Katie Jane Hughes
Top 6 Makeup Influencers You Must Follow in 2024 9

A British cosmetics professional who manages the beauty blog. Katie’s website includes a collection of her expertise on other beauties, as well as published papers about her favorite brands and beauty advice. Katie’s Instagram, on the other hand, is largely filled with self-portraits, either focusing on a particular aspect of her facial or documenting her entire exquisite canvas.

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Katie Jane Hughes has 314k Instagram followers and a 4.62 percent response rate. Katie’s fans are passionate about beauty and skincare, particularly lipstick and eye makeup.

6. Eleanor Barnes

Eleanor is a cosmetic expert located in New York City who uses Instagram to share self-portraits of her final creations. She enjoys anime and often dresses up as renowned cartoon characters using cosmetics and hairstyles from her portfolio. Rather than a classic look, she chooses a spectacular application approach and explores with bold, bright colors.

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Eleanor alone has 707k followers on social media and a 10.86 percent response rate. Her Fan base is predominantly female and belongs to the United States.


To conclude, choosing the ideal makeup influencer is highly dependent on the brand you choose and its distinct audience and requirements. To compete in this competitive market, you must identify influencers who can assist you in developing potential audiences. Choosing influencers who are a great fit for the product can help your association go beyond mere commercial operations.

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