Top 5 Influencer Groups You Must Follow In 2022
Top 5 Influencer Groups You Must Follow In 2022 13

Instagram and Facebook are excellent platforms for promoting your brand or company. According to studies, Facebook is the leading social media platform among the others. One of the advantages of Facebook is that it includes Online Groups, which are secret jewels for anything related to Digital marketing. If you're not convinced whether you should participate/interact in influencer groups, consider the wider context. The internet, or social media in general, is a great source of information where you can find nearly anything.

Influencer groups are primarily discussion boards where companies and influencers can gather and communicate ideas. These are usually Facebook Groups where a substantial number of influencers, companies, product makers, and influencer agencies can be discovered. Influencers keep up with the latest business opportunities on these forums, and companies can identify the right influencer for their upcoming project. Let's take a closer look at the Top 5 Instagram Influencer Groups in the platform.

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1. Instagram Influencers group

Instagram Influencers group
Top 5 Influencer Groups You Must Follow In 2022 14

This is the top-notch influencer group on Facebook in terms of other active groups. This group contains a diverse range of content developers with diverse audiences. On Instagram, the influencers in this group have ranged from 400 to 2 million followers which they are able to gain with several agencies such as Galaxy Marketing. Instagram influencers is a very interesting group, with a lot of involvement from both businesses and influencers seeking new collaboration opportunities.

One of the greatest things about this Facebook Group is that the moderators closely regulate it, so you won't find many fraudulent postings or hateful comments. Members are here to help one another succeed in their undertakings and to exchange ideas with one another. This group of influencers has won contracts worth more than $30K, and the companies have been quite thrilled with the outcome of the engagements they've set up with the creators and influencers.

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2. TikTok Influencers

TikTok Influencers
Top 5 Influencer Groups You Must Follow In 2022 15

One of the greatest influencer communities of tiktokers entered the influencer-marketing world, with a rapidly expanding number of supporters. This category has both brands and creative designers who are looking for new collaborative relationships. Individuals can respond to the questions about influencer marketing in the TikTok group's helpful posts.

The operators of TikTok influencers are selective in whom they accept to join their close-knit group. In reality, according to the developers, many users are refused access if they are believed to not significantly contributing to the platform.

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3. Influencers X Brands

Nearly 14,000 people have joined the Influencers X Brands network, which includes brands and influencers from all over the world. Several of the brands in this category can also be found on the high street, such as Pandora, Nike, and many more. Major brands routinely advertise in the group, requesting that influencers (who meet a set of criteria) contact them to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

This private group is remarkable in that it is one of the few influencer networks with significant brands as representatives. This enables relatively small influencers to interact with strong brands, as well as paving the way for larger brands to find micro and macro influencers for their initiatives. Since it is a closed group, you must be registered so that you can join.

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4. Instagram for Travel Bloggers & Influencers

This is a Facebook Group dedicated to travel enthusiasts and people interested in engaging with them, as the title suggests. Influencers, organizations, and brands stand among the 11,200 members of the group. The moderators of the group have also established a Google Spreadsheet in which all of their participants can list their Instagram profile, full name, email address, YouTube account, and web address. The spreadsheet is open to the public, so influencers may update their information, and brands can explore the list and look at their social media profiles.

In summary, this influencer group-marketing specialist provides a welcoming and supportive environment. The administrators carefully assess which members to accept into the community and guarantee that irrelevant messages are filtered.

5. Instagram Growth & Engagement

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Instagram Growth & Engagement
Top 5 Influencer Groups You Must Follow In 2022 16

It is one of the major Instagram Facebook groups to follow, including over 35,000 prominent users. Tasha Meys and Vivien Conway, Instagram growth experts, own and manage the company. Regardless of the fact that this group has a large number of members, the administrators manage to keep it under control such that it is beneficial to all.


To conclude, everyone who wishes to expand their organizations or enterprises should join relevant influencer groups. People can form connections and alliances in these groups. You might have heard that if you assist others to succeed, you will win as well!