TikTok Influencer Marketing How It Works
TikTok Influencer Marketing: How It Works 5

There is no question mark on this: TikTok has always been the ruling knight of the social media since 2018. It might not have the same number of consumers as Facebook or Instagram but the engagement and brand loyalty are through the roof. 

It has worked from the beginning of its launch for the growth of its platform for users, content creators, or brands. TikTok has a huge fan following due to which brands begin to recognize the influencers.

How does TikTok Influencer Marketing work?

How does TikTok Influencer Marketing work
TikTok Influencer Marketing: How It Works 6

TikTok has dramatically changed the world of consumer engagement. With 1 billion active users and an engagement rate five times higher than other social channels, TikTok has evolved into a new era where consumers increasingly spend their time watching short videos. To get a leg up on the competition, marketers need to establish a presence in this format. In today’s competitive landscape, the value of TikTok is clear as it gives brands a boost in engagement and increases the discoverability of content.

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The brands have started utilizing the TikTok for their businesses, the growth is increasing exponentially because of ad spending. While the user base and revenue on the social channel steadily rise, more companies are determined to use it for their benefit. Short TikTok videos have acquired immense attention from the social media marketers, making platform more convenient and approachable for the brands. Also, their content continuously evolves throughout the social apps. The leading strategy for brands to get their foot in the door through a social channel is TikTok influencer marketing, which empowers them to collaborate with creators to make content that hits their page.

How does TikTok work?

It is a short-form video channel that is algorithm-based which prioritizes serving the user’s videos on content that they’ve already seen. The prominent difference between TikTok and other social channels is how TikTok prioritizes entertainment over number of followers. According to Global Marketing , when you become a TikTok Pro account user, you are assisted by statistics and analytics on your followers. It depicts it in a visualized graph format. If you need a deeper insight into your followers, the followers’ tab will help you. The marketers, who are sharp enough, have the opportunity to create videos that are being explored highly to reach new audiences and earn high engagement. New and young generation makes the videos, which lasts about 30 seconds to 1 minute on music or songs. They can also promote those videos on other social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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The algorithm of TikTok is so accurate yet scary at the same time that within no time or almost half an hour of scrolling through the app, users will be served specific content, which is based on their personal interest. It becomes beneficial for the brands as they can get the content in front of the people who actually want to see it without investing time and money into audience data mapping. 

TikTok Influencer Marketing vs Creator Marketing

TikTok Influencer Marketing vs Creator Marketing
TikTok Influencer Marketing: How It Works 7

Both types of marketing i.e. creator marketing & influencer marketing are apart from each other. Creative partnership is built between social media personalities and brands to produce content that entertains, rather than the product placement you may see on Instagram. Brands are keenly looking to enter exclusive partnerships with creators on TikTok, which provide more meaningful and long lasting customer topics than a single sponsored post. TikTok is meant to entertain and inspire its users. Many of the big brands are evolving their influencer strategies into long-tail partnerships with creator. This predominant trend is being emerged as brands look to expand their engagement through TikTok. As an alternative to working with a single creator, brands work on large-scale campaigns that uses a number of influencers at the same time. Imagine having 10, 20, or even 200 creators all working simultaneously to enhance their customer engagement efficiently.

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