The Most Popular Instant Influencer Cast is Here
The Most Popular Instant Influencer Cast is Here 5

Get your beauty products primed, young beauty influencers! James Charles, a beauty YouTuber, is looking for the next best expert for his new reality show Instant Influencer. In the four-part YouTube series, which will be aired on James' channel on April 24, a panel of special guest judges will rate six ambitious influencers on basis of their makeup skills, on-camera personality, and capacity to find success. 

Instant Influencer is a new reality show on James' channel in which six upcoming celebrities battle for $50,000 and short film production. Norvina, the founder of the Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics line, serves as a constant guest judge on the YouTube series, hosted by James Charles. Let's have a glimpse on Instant Influencers cast.

1. Benny Carra

Benny Cerra
The Most Popular Instant Influencer Cast is Here 6

One of the youngest Instant Influencer participants. He is an 18-year-old Carbondale, Pennsylvania resident. Benny Cerra, an ambitious beauty expert, who alone has around 10,000 Instagram followers and publishes intricate makeup, looks identical to James' own artistic, out-of-the-box styles. Benny certainly knows how to use his brushes, as evidenced by his transformation into a Bratz doll, the painting of skylines on his head, and some artistic splattered paint effects.

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He posts the majority of his outfits on Instagram, but he appears to be progressively expanding his YouTube channel, where he has already provided a number of tutorials. Benny has expressed gratitude to his parents for their support of his cosmetic profession. He mentioned in a recent episode that his father, who is a painter, motivated the mountain range paint effect he did on the first segment of the series.

2. Kailin Chase

Kailin Chase won the first episode of Instant Influencer amid her belief that she had made a mistake. She is 24 years old and lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner. Kailin has 67k Instagram followers which then strated to increase with her performances as well as through the support of several marketing agencies such as Galaxy Marketing after episode one, and her first YouTube clip since Instant Influencer debuted has already been her most popular video.

3. Gabriel Garcia

He is a Los Angeles-based youngster aged 21-Year-Old. Gabriel, in addition to being a beautician, is also a drag artist who goes by the moniker Unity Dreamz. Gabriel confesses that he grew up in an orphanage in the first episode, and he believes that his public appearance would remind others that their background does not determine who they are.

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Gabriel is also new to the game, with just around 5,000 Followers on Instagram and 800 YouTube subscribers, but he is sure to bring some amazing skills to the platform.

4. Britany Renteria

Britany Renteria
The Most Popular Instant Influencer Cast is Here 7

Britany is a 25-year-old Dallas citizen. She was the first participant to drop out of Instant Influencer. After realizing she had indeed been knocked off, Britany would then have to film a farewell speech to conclude the game, which provoked several fans to comment as to how strange it appeared when she had to record a goodbye statement to wrap things up. Britany admits in the first segment that she stepped out of her parents' place while she was 15 and has been doing two jobs.

With barely 3,400 Instagram followers and 14,000 Subscribers on YouTube, this pink-haired beauty aficionado is a newcomer to the celebrity world. Britany Raquel Renteria's YouTube clip portfolio is full of hauls and product tests, indicating that she is a brand expert. She certainly has a clip on it to reveal if a brand is worth the excitement.

5. Christian Perez

Another instant influencer cast in the making who clearly understands how to use a cosmetics brush. On his Instagram page, you'll find realistic brand logos, vivid abstract paintings, as well as a beautiful portrait of Billie Eilish on his face.

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A clip-in barrette is a must-have for much of his outfits to keep his hairstyle out of his artwork. He alone has around 8,000 Instagram followers and over 14,000 YouTube subscribers, where he gives instructions for several of his most famous looks.

6. Ashley Strong

28-year-old after completing the first little battle at the beginning of episode 1, Ashley Strong from Alaska is already one of the front-runners to receive Instant Influencer. Before competing on the show, Ashley always had a substantial following on Instagram.

Ashley Strong, a competitor, is a master of the eye look, inventing innovative methods to freshen up even the most basic of wings. Her entire appearance is innovative, as she enjoys combining geometric designs and vibrant colors in both playful and logical ways.


To conclude, all of these top six instant influencers cast are all set to compete and rock the stage with their creative skills and talent on the James Charles Reality show instant influencer having a winning prize of $50,000.