Reason Why Influencer Cashcrate is not a Good Idea 5

Cashcrate is a “Get Paid To” website where you can make some money for finishing the offers and taking part in online surveys and doing some simple tasks. In 2006, Cashcrate was started as one of the most popular reward’s program, which grew 10 million members approximately within a short period. Time continued to grow and other related websites came into existence. This platform is in the market since many years, with 2 million users around the world in the market research business. It has been awarding the users over 4 million dollars since the launch of this website. The company headquarter is in Las Vegas. To prove its credibility, CashCrate includes a ‘Payment Wall’ section on its website where members post their earning to show its transparency.

According to some Influencers on internet, CashCrate is not good enough! In terms of payment, it make delays, even the payments get much low, which take so much time. It is dependent on the activity on the website, it could take anywhere from a couple of days to as long as a month for a user to reach the necessary twenty dollar redemption amount. Moreover, the system of PayPal working on the website is relatively insufficient, it requires you to check and reach to a specific tier on the website before allowing you to transfer the money online. 

Pros and Cons of Influencer Cashcrate

Pros and Cons of Influencer Cashcrate
Reason Why Influencer Cashcrate is not a Good Idea 6

There are several pros and cons for the usage of Cashcrate, which are as follow:

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As far as advantages are concerned, it is free to join and it is open to people from multiple countries around the world. It also has an amazing referral program, various surveys and tasks are available there. Moreover, doesn’t have the pesky point system and pays members in cash. It is user-friendly and easy to use site. Furthermore, Cashcrate has a very low threshold payment method. Moving on to the disadvantages, some of the offers include using the credit card information, which can be risky enough and harder to qualify for higher-paying surveys. Some unhappy reviewers accused this website for selling influencer cashcrate’s member emails and other information to third parties.

How does Influencer CashCrate work?

How does Influencer CashCrate work?
Reason Why Influencer Cashcrate is not a Good Idea 7

The registration for a CashCrate membership is free. You simply need to fill out a registration form on the website by writing your email address, name and mailing address. When you become its member, you’ll be required to play games, take surveys and complete paid offers. Each of these tasks will earn you some money. The membership’s eligibility criteria is for everyone who is 14 years or older and people are encouraged to join free. Two groups of people use this site i.e. CashCrate members and clients. The first group is people who are looking for an opportunity to make money online. Second group includes businesses or brands and advertisers who want to get more engagement for their products and services. CashCrate collaborates with brands and advertisers to get high-quality traffic.

Another option is to earn through Cashcrate by fulfilling what it “offers”, which is a great way to boost your earnings. These offers can be like- it requires you to sign up for a free trial for a certain site and play a couple of games and download an application on your phone among other similar offers. These offers can earn you quite a lot of money, as some come with good rewards. However, some offers may require you to register with a credit card. An offer can earn you anything from $2 and more. Unlike, Galaxy Marketing that offers quality services and uses organic growth methods to grow your business, Cashcrate is not much trustworthy based on the influencer’s reviews. 

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