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Have any influencers inspired you? Do you know how much they cost to do so? These people bridge the gap between the target audience and a brand, especially in the digital age of social media. An “influencer quotes” their price to the brand for their efforts.

Companies partner with the influencers for many reasons, like motivating employees to sell a product. Sometimes, you may have attended a session of these persons and walked out with lots of motivation. These individuals have the power to impact an individual’s thinking and decision-making process. Think of when your favorite influencer has to persuade you to buy a product. How many occasions can you recall? Many? This form of influencer marketing is known as PR (Public Relations).

A report suggests that marketing companies categorize these individuals into three divisions. The decision depends on the engagement, content, and number of followers. Category 1 costs up to 100,000 to 200,000. Category 2 charges up to 60,000 to 80,000. Finally, Category 3 demands 10,000 to 25,000. Further, over time, the prices may increase exponentially.

This article will tell you all about how an “influencer quotes” their price to a brand for their efforts.

Influencer Quotes Trends

Influencer Quotes Trends
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A few years back, the trends were different. People used to promote a brand for the free product or the name association, but now they charge hefty amounts. There are various forms such as motivational speakers, YouTubers, Instagramers, Vloggers, celebrities, etc. They all quote differently. Their cost depends on how they deliver and the influencing power over the audience. Companies use various combinations of these.

A 2019 report by Linqia suggests that 39% of the digital marketers have a plan to increase influencer budget above $500,000. In contrast, 54% plan to spend more than $250,000 annually, and 17% spend more than $1 million.

But what if there are other creative ways to engage these people without paying them? If companies are beginners and cannot afford to sponsor big names, there are different ways which they can adopt.

Costs offered by Influencers

Costs offered by Influencers
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Firstly, brands need to search for individuals whose values align with the brand’s interest. Such individuals take ownership of the brand and interest in its promotion as it matches their beliefs. Further, they also enjoy working when they have creative freedom. According to a study, 68% of influencers prefer creative freedom over money. They enjoy working with the brand in such a scenario and feel empowered. Secondly, if companies invite influencers to their event, it delivers a message of value and respect to them. It can make them feel a part of a team, and have some fun.

Similarly, if companies bring some new product to the market, they can invite these individuals to launch a party. Ask them for free tickets, backstage passes, or VIP access to use as influencer compensation. Another way to attract influencers is to give them exclusive access. Companies tend to make influencers feel like they’re in on a secret by giving them exclusive access to brand updates and products. Like, make them the first to know about a new product launch.

Third, companies can offer attractive deals to their influencers. It gives influencers a free trial of their service or free samples of products by giving them a reason to associate with the brand. For example, companies provide discounts or deals equivalent to their cost and unavailable to the audience.

“Galaxy Marketing” can offer its services by providing organic followers to the influencers who will help increase the reach and engagement on the posts. 


Summing up the discussion for what an “influencer quotes,” this kind of marketing has a lot of potential in the industry. A heavy chunk of influencers works for a handful sum of money because they have the power to alter the public choice, and people crazily believe them. But, other than the money bills, some companies adopt different ways to meet the needs of influencers.

A typical example of this is food bloggers. They are often invited to various food festivals, offered special discounts, and even free food against their services. Such things attract them. Plus, a person will be more excited to work with brands that align with their beliefs; hence, the companies must be careful while selecting an influencer. The best way is to offer mixed-value compensation; money, along with freedom and respect, which can make them feel valued.