Micro-Influencer and Their Importance to Brands
Micro-Influencer and Their Importance to Brands 5


The new focus of marketers is Influencer marketing. They design and plan out strategies to promote products or services. The guide has shifted almost entirely towards influencers. They usually partner with "micro-influencer," with 100,000 followers, and have their feed filled with product placements. These people are at the start of their influencing career so they try to grab every opportunity that comes their way.


Micro-Influencer and Their Importance to Brands 6

A "micro-influencer" works in a specific area; and has more followers than an average person. They partner with brands and other influencers to increase engagement on their page. These people use their followers to promote different brand products with their knowledge and expertise that match their brand image.

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They work on a small scale with followers between 1000 and 100,000.

"Galaxy Marketing" offers them organic and genuine followers giving likes to help increase their engagement.

They do promotions for brands for money, but sometimes they even do it for free. Either because they love the brand or kick start their journey as an influencer. They want to make their place in the market and get recognition and fame like anybody.

Why do Micro-Influencers stand out today?

The customer today is aware. They know what is selling in the market. No matter how big the brand is, the customer's buying power. Today's customers do not want TV advertisements and celebrity endorsements. They know most of it is not real. Customer wants something that they can connect to. They want something personal. Here "micro-influencers" play their role. These people connect with their followers. They bring a personal touch to the aspect of promotions.

Today, brands are slowly shifting their focus towards "micro-influencers." They bring the aspect of originality by connecting with their followers. Brands want to share their values and messages with their customers in a very personal way. The customer gets impacted. They make a purchasing decision in favor of the brand, trusting the influencer. Customers rarely have a bad experience when they follow their advice.

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Working with these people, brands achieve their aim. They connect with their customers personally. The influencers work on becoming authentic. Authenticity is what they cash. It is their currency. They do it for brands to recognize it and give them opportunities to grow. If not so, how will they earn? They make money through partnerships with brands.

How do Micro-Influencers work?

How do Micro-Influencers work
Micro-Influencer and Their Importance to Brands 7

Micro-influencers usually work alone on an individual basis. They are small, so it is rare for them to get recruited by any influencer marketing agency. However, if such agencies see potential in the influencer, agencies approach them.

They make their presence through their work. Since people are not well-known, brands hardly go to them first. A "micro-influencer" reaches out to brands themselves via email. They tell them about their work, area, and how they can promote the brand's products. Brands go through their profile. If the brand's image matches theirs, they get back to them. They communicate with each other for a successful deal.

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Engagement of Micro-influencers

Reach and engagement are two critical objectives for brands when collaborating with influencers. No matter how many followers they have, one always wants to grow. Brands want to impact customers' decision-making to buy the product instead of just putting them out. Micro-influencers are very active with their followers. They reply to their followers in the comments. They often get back to them in the messages. It builds trust between them and their audience. Followers develop loyalty towards them, stick with them and support them till the end.

These people work on building a bond with their followers. It helps them gain trust and loyalty from their followers.


Influencer marketing is growing and opening ways for many people. Brands prefer it because they want to connect with their customers. Customers look for a personal connection too. Here, "micro-influencers" form a relationship between the brand and the customer. Brands connect with their customers through them. Either brand reaches out to them, or they reach out to the brands. They discuss their expectations with these people for a good partnership.