Instagram Influencer Salaries on a Monthly Basis1
Instagram Influencer Salaries on a Monthly Basis 5

Did you ever question how much salary Instagram influencers make each month? On Instagram, the competition for followers is still on. The industry is more dynamic than ever before, with an increasing number of players. But, realistically, how much is an Instagram influencer's salary?

On Instagram, influencers' daily lives are filled with the stuff of aspirations, with immaculate feeds, amazing clothes, and presents galore. But, how much income do they truly make behind this external accomplishment? In a study of 1,865 Content creators, Hype Auditor inquired about their earnings, engagement, and investment of time, as well as their primary sources of revenue. 45.74 percent were females, and 28% were between the ages of 25 and 34.

1. Influencers and Brand Engagement

Influencers and Brand Engagement
Instagram Influencer Salaries on a Monthly Basis 6

According to the survey conducted, Half of the bloggers assessed (48.5%) claim to make income from their Instagram accounts. An influencer makes an average of US$2,970 (about Rs 2.21 lac) every month. But, income differs widely between blogs, especially based on the number of followers which they are able to gain through websites that provides them with the followers including Galaxy Marketing. Micro-influencers (those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers) typically earn $1,420 a month (roughly Rs 1.5 lakh). Mega-influencers (those with more than one million subscribers) earn US$15,356 a month (roughly Rs 11.4 lac).

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Variations in the influencers' domains of competence were also observed. The typical influencer earns US$31 (Rs 2,306) every hour, while a makeup professional will make US$60 (Rs 4,464) each hour, which is a new high in the industry. Some celebrities earn up to US$187 (Rs 13,918) every hour. Animal, branding and marketing, and health and fitness are the three main categories that make lots of money for bloggers.

2. Influencers and Income

Influencers and Income
Instagram Influencer Salaries on a Monthly Basis 7

As per the study, only 4.27 percent of participants indicate they rely completely on Instagram influencer salaries. These bloggers make an average of $5,912.8 (US$45,948) each month from their accounts. Influencers assessed admit they made more wealth during the covid-19 epidemic. But, the pandemic has had some drawbacks, 49.68 percent of those polled claiming an increase in fraudulent behavior.

The analysis found that brand promotion continues to be the most vital form of income for influencers, accounting for 40.15 percent of their income on Instagram. Furthermore, 14.92 percent of marketers use their accounts to advertise affiliate marketing programs. Influencers will eventually be able to make a profit on TikTok by providing personalized content such as shoutouts.

3. Influencers and Hours worked

Influencers devote an estimate of 24 hours each week to maintain their platforms. The rest of the time is spent on postings, tales, and interaction with subscribers, with management, business model, and business interaction. Bloggers who make money from their accounts spend a total of 28.7 hours a week, whereas all those who don't make any money spend an average of 20.9 hours per week.

Influencers who generate revenue and those who do not make a profit spend significant amounts of time creating content, stories, and engaging with their audience.

4. Influencers during Corona Virus

Following the commencement of the Coronavirus epidemic, 47% of marketers stated they started to earn more. According to a recent survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, 63% of organizations want to raise their influencer marketing expenses in 2021. Since brands have started to devote more resources to celebrity endorsements, influencers have started to gain extra.

On the other hand, certain influencers, such as travel influencers, have been impacted by the pandemic. Due to the constraints, they were unable to visit and produce content, and collaborations between hotels and travel corporations were kept on hold.

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5. Rich List of Instagram:

The Instagrammers with the highest post revenues are:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Sport) - $1,604,000
  2. Dwayne Johnson (Celebrity) - $1,523,000
  3. Ariana Grande (Celebrity) - $1,510,000
  4. Kylie Jenner (Celebrity) - $1,494,000
  5. Selena Gomez (Celebrity) - $1,468,000
  6. Kim Kardashian (Celebrity) - $1,419,000
  7. Lionel Messi (Sport) - $1,169,000
  8. Beyonce Knowles (Celebrity) - $1,147,000
  9. Justin Bieber (Celebrity) - $1,112,000
  10. Kendall Jenner (Celebrity) - $1,0563,000

Influencer salaries account for a modest fraction of the total earnings of these celebrities. With $120 million in earnings, Ronaldo was ranked as the third on Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid athletes in 2021. Conor McGregor ranked first in terms with $180 million in revenue in 2020, $157 million of which came from non-sporting endeavors.


To conclude, earning Instagram influencer salaries isn't as simple as it seems. Starting to make money on Instagram isn't as simple as it seems. Influencers rely heavily on paid advertising to make a decent living. Paid content takes numerous forms, from publishing a picture to the main pages with advertising to sharing swipe-up offers in a collection of Stories.