Without queer digital marketers, social media would be nothing! On the night of Wednesday 3rd November, the annual American Influencer Awards was hosted online to "appreciate the top talent on digital platforms for over 50 lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and beauty domains," and, as hoped, the LGBTQ+ community won! What would social media be like without the queer fashion who genuinely assist in building the culture that so many in general take for granted?

Nearly 5 million people participated on whom they believed were the most popular internet celebrities. Some of the virtual greats featured at the night included YouTuber Bretman Sacayanan (Bretman Rock), "RuPaul's Drag Race" alum Brian Michael Firkus, and "Dance Moms" alum Maddie Ziegler.

Some of the top content creator influencers of 2021 who won the American influencer awards are listed below.

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1. Trixie Mattel — Drag celebrity of the Year.

Influencers who won in American Influencer Awards 2021 5

No princess can beat Trixie Mattel when it comes to boosting the show's commercial potential. Mattel has seized opportunities with her unique style and iconic make-up, in addition to capturing the audience with her natural charisma and great personality.

The Drag Race season 7 alum, as well as all Stars 3 Champion, is a genuine multi-hyphenate, juggling flourishing acting, blogging, YouTube, and singing career, and it's only appropriate that she is awarded Drag Influencer of the Year after being one of the most famous characters in the international drag fan base!

2. Manny Gutierrez— Product Review Personality of the Year

Manny Gutierrez— Product Review Personality of the Year
Influencers who won in American Influencer Awards 2021 6

Manuel Gutierrez, also known as Manny MUA, is among the most well-known makeup artists on social networks. He has approximately 5 million YouTube subscribers, where he provides men and women with makeup tips, and 4.6 million Instagram followers, with an average post receiving nearly 200,000 likes. But Gutierrez is not finishing there: he recently set up Lunar Beauty, a cosmetics line that includes lipstick, lip gloss, and makeup palettes.

Manny has been delivering both comedy and valuable knowledge to over 5 million of his subscribers for years, and he has revolutionized the game when it comes to makeup and cosmetic product reviews on YouTube.

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3. Designer Celebrity of the Year: Michael Costello

It's no surprise that Michael Costello's brilliance helped him win the AIA for Designer Celebrity of the Year after crafting gowns for everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyoncé to Maria Carey and presenting his exquisite designs with his nearly 1 Million Followers on Instagram.

Michael Costello, a well-known celebrity designer, received the American Influencer award for Designer Celebrity of the Year. From Project Runway fame, the American designer went on to launch his line and create stunning gowns for top celebrities such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Céline Dion.

4. International Fashion Personality of the Year: Olivier Rousteing

Designer Celebrity of the Year Michael Costello
Influencers who won in American Influencer Awards 2021 7

Olivier Rousteing, the lead designer of the French fashion house Balmain, was named International Fashion Celebrity of the Year. Rousteing is credited for placing Balmain on the social networking globe, and his journey from obscurity to celebrity depicts the picture of a self-made man. Throughout the year, Balmain's artistic director demonstrated to be everything we wanted in a jet setter!

5. International Stylist of the Year: Nikkie De Jager 

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Nikkie de Jager often referred to as Nikkie Tutorials, is a beautician and beauty Influencer from the Netherlands. Her YouTube channel has more than 13 million subscribers which she was able to gain through several top marketing agencies such as Galaxy Marketing. She has worked with Drew Barrymore, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian, Doutzen Kroes, Kat Von D, Meghan Trainor, and other well-known YouTube personalities.

NikkieTutorials has had an amazing, eventful year since officially coming out as transgender in 2020, which included establishing her beauty line and hosting the Awards Ceremony!

6. Bretman Rock — Content Maker of the Year

Bretman Rock- a dedicated fashion and lifestyle blogger entertaining through his funny videos and charming fashion look, received the evening's most significant award. Bretman, with nearly 8 million views on YouTube, has been delivering a far queer, Filipino-American presence to venues where it is still missing, such as reality Shows, the red carpet at major awards ceremonies, as well as the front of Playboy magazine! Bretman had a wonderful year in 2021!


To conclude, these are some of the most well-known influencers who won the American Influencer Award in 2021, bringing honor to the whole social media business. With a show recently hosted by Bravo presenter Andy Cohen, all the bloggers, vloggers, and fashionistas joined eagerly for this evening, which acknowledged the most outstanding and influential internet savvy.