Align influencer marketing campaigns to strategic business goals
How to Track Influencers 5


An influencer marketing campaign takes several factors to set up. There is a series of following steps that will show you how to track influencers:

  • You have to design your objectives and Key Performance Indicators
  • According to your objectives and KPIs, you then start your search for an influencer who best fits the frame with a similar brand image, opinions, core values, etc.
  • When you have selected your influencer, you then approach them directly or via an agency representing them,
  • You tell them your expectations,
  • The deal is done when the brand and the influencer have agreed on the same things,
  • The campaign is launched on the decided date and time when the influencer gets the most engagement.

Once the campaign is launched, brands don’t just leave the campaign unsupervised. They have to see how it is doing on the influence’s page. When designing the influencer marketing campaign, marketers also have to strategize “how to track influencers” once the campaign is up and running.

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This article will share seven tips for tracking and measuring your influencer marketing campaigns.

Seven Tips On How to Track Influencers

These tips will make the route for tracking influencers easy and effective:

1. Align influencer marketing campaigns to strategic business goals

Align influencer marketing campaigns to strategic business goals
How to Track Influencers 6

Brands should link their marketing campaign goals to more significant goals of their company. When there is alignment between goals of both campaign and company, the path of the campaign and tracking of influencers becomes easy. All the co-created content between influencer and the brand has to be tracked.

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2. Set a campaign objective

It becomes easier to reverse a campaign objective once you know how your influencer marketing campaign relates to strategic business initiatives. The influencer marketing campaign is tracked based on a specific campaign objective. Without an objective, you won’t know in which direction the campaign is supposed to go and what to track.

3. Analyze traffic from influencer marketing campaigns

Analyze traffic from influencer marketing campaigns
How to Track Influencers 7

Influencer campaigns are beneficial in bringing traffic to your website. Boost in traffic increases sales and lead generations. Monitoring the number of clicks on the website connection and measuring its rate are vital to track influencers.

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4. Pay close attention to referral traffic

The referrals page tells where the traffic is coming from. If any other call to action is used, it is also tracked. It all depends on what you are using the Influencer for.

5. Create unique coupon codes to track sales

Track your conversions. Track the sales before, during, and after the campaign is launched. Dedicate coupon codes to the partnered influencer and track how many sales have happened using that coupon code. Such codes are the best way to get the basic idea of ROI generated. It would help if you compare the cost of acquiring the influencer and the revenue generated from their coupon code, and as a result, you will find their impact on your business.

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6. Give each influencer an affiliate link

There are numerous ways to track an influencer but the simplest one is by assigning them an affiliate link. Start by using the links that can be tracked. It will give you a clear picture of the performance of your influencer campaign. You may use social media analytics to track influencers’ sponsored posts and number of likes, comments, and shares.

“Galaxy Marketing” can offer its services by providing organic followers to the influencers who will help increase the reach and engagement on the posts. 

7. Use UTM parameters

When working with influencers, create a specific URL for them. You can do that by creating a UTM. This will make it easier for you to track the success of your campaigns. Apply as many tracking metrics as possible.

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It is crucial to see how your influencer campaign performs because it is not running for free. Campaigns like these require big investments. This article provides you with seven ways for “how to track influencers” to make things easy for you. You now have better knowledge of how tracking influencers affects the success rate of your brand/product.