How to Talk to Influencers
How to Talk to Influencers 4


In a world where it doesn’t seem easy to trust what you see on social media, it is nice to see people trying out products and sharing honest reviews about them online. With their devoted followers, influencers can reach a large number of consumers. The influencers use word of mouth recommendations being a real-life true of a friend. Like any other form of marketing, successful influencer marketing requires good communication between both parties from the beginning. So “how to talk to influencers” is discussed in this article.

So much of marketing is done through social media. It makes sense now that every brand wants to promote their product through an influencer. Influencer marketing is their first choice. Influencers have therefore developed into busy and in-demand people. Hence, communicating with them the right way is essential to bring them on board.

This article will highlight the seven best ways of communicating with the influencers and help brands better understand “how to talk to influencers.”

How to talk to influencers?

Following these seven best practices of “how to talk to influencers” will make you way more accomplished in your influencer marketing campaigns.

1. Allow Them to Do What They Do Best

Choose an influencer who best fits your brand image and let them do their thing. An influencer knows their followers the best; they developed that following. Coming in between will put the whole campaign at risk. Let them use and promote your product in an environment where they have already experienced success.

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2. Ask Them about Their Best Successes and What They Attribute Them To

Ask Them about Their Best Successes and What They Attribute Them To
How to Talk to Influencers 5

Not all influencers use extensive social media analytics to see how their page is performing. But they know what works and what doesn’t. Analytics can’t capture everything. It would be best if you listen to what the influencers have to say. They understand why a post outperformed on one social media platform compared to the other.

3. Allow Them to Maintain Authenticity

You don’t want your influencer campaign to give the impression that you pulled your influencer into your world and put them to work for you. Influencers have developed their following through organic content. Allow the influencers to show off your product their way to gain the maximum attention.

4. Think Long-Term

Many influencers are eager to collaborate with brands for a longer-term. Developing such ongoing relationships with influencers will help both you and the influencer as a brand. Strong communication, understanding, and collaboration are the way to go.

5. Keep Lines of Communication Open

Communication is the key to a strong relationship, regardless of context. Communicate regularly with your influencer before, during, and after a campaign. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Likewise, if they have questions, answer them with honesty. Keep your influencers in the loop about relevant company developments with long-term collaborations.

6. Incorporate into Them Your Company Culture

Incorporate into Them Your Company Culture
How to Talk to Influencers 6

You will find great opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your influencers and their following when you think offline. When you allow influencers to become integrated into your company culture, you support the relationship and have more chances to draw upon their experience and ideas. Both you and the influencer grow.

7. Work with the Right Marketing Strategist

Not all marketing strategists understand how influencer marketing works. Make sure they know how it works. They know that it is different from the traditional advertising and celebrity endorsements. It is vital for your marketing strategist to understand how influencer marketing works, how to develop great relationships with the influencers and maximize the value of this relationship.


Influencer marketing is different from other marketing forms, and influencers are different from the standard celebrities. Therefore, the way influencers are to be communicated is also different. The seven best communication practices highlighted in this article will provide the best guidance to the brands on “how to talk to influencers.”