How to Know “Am I an Influencer”
How to Know “Am I an Influencer”? 12

It is important to understand the idea of influencers to know if you are one. Unless you are not clear on its definition, you cannot ask yourself, "am I an influencer." People believe they are one, but they aren't usually fulfilling the criteria. It has to be someone powerful enough to impact people's decisions (their followers) because of the authority and knowledge they have. These people develop a bond with their audience over time. They usually start in an area. They either target one area or more than one. These areas includes food, makeup, traveling, technology, etc. If they choose more than one area, those areas are mostly closely related. The number of followers these people have usually depends on their targeted area.

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People usually take influencers as a marketing tool. However, it is essential to understand that that's not the case. They are assets for developing social groups and connections because of which brands partner with them to achieve their objectives.

Growth of Social Media

Growth of Social Media
How to Know “Am I an Influencer”? 13

Over 3.4 billion, which is 45% of the world's population, use social media. Social media has grown massively over the last decade and so did the influencers. And now, people look up to these individuals on social media to guide them in their decision-making. Brands take advantage of this and approach influencers who match their vibe to promote their products and services.

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Influencers develop their place on social media through their knowledge and expertise in a particular area. They post regularly on their social media to keep their audience's attention intact. Brands connect with influencers on social media as they can positively affect the decision-making of their followers into purchasing their promoted products.

Now that we have understood what influencers are, you may ask this question to yourself “Am I an influencer.”

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You have to conduct a self-analysis and evaluate yourself to know this. Questions to ponder at includes:


  • How many followers do you have?

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  • Are you targeting one area?
  • Do you post regularly?
  • How well is the engagement on your posts?
  • Do you see your followers getting impacted by you?
  • Do you receive PR requests often from small or big brands?
  • The brands, if any, with which you have partnered, how well did your followers respond to it?

Types of Influencers

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It is necessary to understand your type. There are three kinds of influencers, namely:


How to Know “Am I an Influencer”? 14

These are the people with many followers on at least one of their social media, preferably more than 1 million. They are usually taken to be celebrities who have gained their fame offline through movies and TV shows.

Only major brands tend to approach these people. They are usually working through an agency, and brands have to go through them to contact them.


These influencers are just a step behind Mega-Influencers and are sometimes more accessible for brands. These are influencers with followers in the range of 40,000 to 1 million on at least one social media. B-grade celebrities or those people who are still making their place to come under the umbrella of Macro-Influencers.

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This category is more prone to get involved in fraud.


These influencers are not considered special. They have followers ranging in 1000 to 40,000 on at least one social media. They work individually. They are usually not expected to be aware of a particular brand until they approach them. With time these influencers are gaining more popularity to become more common among their audience. They have fewer followers, but all are genuine. These people have a good reach. Small to medium-level brands tend to approach them more.

If the answer to the question is yes, ask yourself what category of influencer you fit in. It will help you to cater yourself better in this industry, grow, and develop accordingly.

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“Am I an influencer” is a question that pop up in minds of many individuals. To answer this question comprehensively, you need to take into account your number of followers. Your follower number is highly dependent on two things: First, the niche you have chosen, and second, your expertise in your chosen area. Your expertise and knowledge would make you an influencer, a successful one.