How to Identify Influencers
How to Identify Influencers 6


Research is the key strategy while searching for anything like how to “identify influencers”. As a brand, for your influencer marketing, if you are not opting for any agency or platform to get your influencers, you need to identify influencers yourself. For that matter, develop a connection with the influencers you wish to work with. For this, you would have to choose your focused niche and shortlist the influencers who rule your niche. You can always expand your approach but for the time being stick to one. If you are an active online person on social media, you would already have an idea of whom to choose. If not, you may have to conduct extensive research.

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide of “how to identify influencers” suiting your brand image and fit in your rubric of requirements.

How to identify Influencers?

There are two main ways through which as a brand you can identify the best influencer for your campaign.

1. Start with Hash Tags

Start with Hash Tags
How to Identify Influencers 7

 As a brand, you have to be aware of the trends content and posts already available on the preferred social media site related to the kind of product you want to promote. Use your social media page to search for similar kinds of hashtags, as you would have designed for your campaign.

You can search through the influencers using hashtags to see which of them promotes the products of the same interest as yours. You can search through their profiles and have a better understanding of them.

2. Use Google

Search through keywords that would represent your campaign on Google using the word influencer or blogger. A list of people will pop up showing the influencers that may be of use to you and your campaign. Through Google, you will also come across their website or blog (if any). This will help you have a better understanding of their work.

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You will be able to better identify if that influencer is the one or not. 

Influencer Marketing Tools to help identify Influencers

As this genre of marketing has started to prevail, the focus of many major brands (fashion, make up, etc.) has shifted towards influencer marketing.

Here are 3 out of many influencer tools for” how to identify influencers” circulating in the market. Some tools are free or freemium.


Upfluence Logo
How to Identify Influencers 8

It is a full-scale platform for influencers with a very effective set of features. Upfluence has a database of over 3 million profiles of influencers. It has a very efficient algorithm for keeping each profile in check in terms of their reach and engagement. By searching through keywords you narrow down the huge amount of influencers to find the ones who fit your requirement.

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Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)

It considers itself as an advocacy-based community intelligence-marketing platform. It considers your community to encompass like-minded customers, creatives, professionals, experts and so much more. Aspire can be used to convert any connection into value. It has a database of over 6 million influencers. It is not free; you would have to buy a plan. However, it is free for influencers to join.


How to Identify Influencers 9

This tool can be used to filter out the top Instagram influencers in terms of the level of engagement and number of followers. It then ranks them accordingly. The algorithm updates this list daily.

Here, “Galaxy Marketing” can help you get organic and genuine (targeted) likes, comments, followers on your post; ultimately increasing the reach of the influencer and your post on their feed.


The research will always be the key when searching for anything. Influencer marketing is the new game now. “How to identify influencers” for your campaign at the right place is the most potent question in the modern corporate world. Hence, this article offers a step-by-step guidelines and tool to help you save time and reach your destination faster and more effectively.