How to grow as an Influencer
How to grow as an Influencer 5


We see influencers around us on social media, but all influencers are not alike. There are different kinds of influencers, including celebrities, bloggers, journalists, industry experts, power influencers, and micro and macro influencers. Anybody who can influence the decision-making of another person acts as an influencer. Once you have started your journey, you don’t want to stay with just a few thousand followers. You want to grow, increase your reach and gain more followers. Along the journey, as an influencer, one always asks themselves several times “how to grow as an influencer.”  

This article will answer all your queries regarding “how to grow as an influencer” with its top ten tips.

Top Ten Tips for How to Grow as an Influencer

Top Ten Tips for How to Grow as an Influencer
How to grow as an Influencer 6

The influencers post on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, post videos on YouTube, do podcasts, etc., to increase their number of followers. These top ten tried and tested tips will help you grow your followers organically.

1. Find and define your niche as an influencer.

Start to influence about something you are passionate about, something you have knowledge and expertise on. Posting on your page, website, or channel about something you are good at will get more attention.

2. Use the right hashtags and make the most of social media platform features.

Hashtags are essential. Even brands use hashtags on social media to find content or influencers talking about a particular genre or product. Put up stories frequently; check the views time to time. Since these stories are up for 24 hours, you can see the engagement rate and reach.  

3. Hustle.

It sure takes time to grow your followers. But it will not happen by just sitting in front of your computer. You have to get out, meet people, learn about their experiences and bring new content for your followers. Only then will your page always stay fresh and exciting, followers engaged and never bored.

4. Make the most of your Instagram bio.

Instagram bio
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Instagram bio is the first thing people see and judge if they want to follow you or not. Make sure you include the information in your bio that reflects your work the best and gives the right first impression.

5. Post high-quality photos.

Photos of poor quality will give the impression that you are not interested and you don’t care about your followers. Just because you are on a schedule, you cannot post anything. That wouldn’t help you grow. Take your time but post appealing photos to make your followers get attracted and engage.

6. Be authentic.

Everyone has a voice, a personality, and some values. Communicate to your followers using that in the most natural way possible. Authenticity has become of much importance now that fakeness has increased so much. It isn’t easy to see through what is true and what isn’t.

7. Engage with your followers.

Respond to your followers as much as possible in comments when you post and especially in DMs. Engagement with your followers make them feel part of the story and motivate them to engage more.

8. Establish a schedule and post consistently.

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Once you become busy as your platform grows, it is better to make a schedule for regular postings on your feed so that you don’t miss out on it. Stay committed. Consistency goes a long way in building trust with an audience.

9. Grow your influencer following honestly and organically.

Don’t run after increasing the number of followers. If fake followers come on board, it will considerably down your page and activity rate. They damage the reputation of the influencer.

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10. Be patient.

Things like these don’t come to you overnight. Stay patient, create valuable content, take things step-by-step, and don’t give up if a hurdle comes along the way.


These top ten tried and tested tips for “how to grow as an influencer” will help you grow in terms of the number of followers, reach, engagement rate, etc.  Most importantly, throughout the process, stay patient.