How to get Brand Deals as an Influencer
How to get Brand Deals as an Influencer 15


When a person is starting as an influencer on social media, the earliest question that comes to their mind is “how to get brand deals as an influencer”. The source of income of an influencer is paid promotions or collaborations with brands. The social media site on which they have an account doesn’t pay them.


It is a big thing to take the initiative of approaching a brand for collaboration, major step in itself. This shows the brand and the world that your intentions to become successful are in alliance. Apart from having amazing content, expertise, and knowledge in your selected niche; when it comes to approaching a brand, it is all about how to write a killer email that would show the brand your potential and confidence, good enough to get a response.

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But before you approach a brand for a collaboration deal through an email, making it formal, there is some prep work that you should do.

In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide for aspiring influencers for “how to get brand deals as an influencer”.

Step-by-step guide for How to get Brand Deals as an Influencer

This guide would mostly be helpful for small, aspiring influencers who still have to develop, grow and take place in the market. They have to approach brands to make a presence in their sight and get brand deals as an influencer. Once the influencers have developed themselves, have a huge follower base, high engagement rate, and massive reach. It is usually the brands approaching them for collaboration.  

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Organic Approach towards a Brand

Organic Approach towards a Brand
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Very naturally start talking about the brand on your social media. It is very important in making things easier for you. It will give the impression of your loyalty be it as a customer or a supporter. If you own something from the brand talk about it in your IG stories or mention it on your feed and tag the brand’s official page. Nothing goes unnoticed. If you do not own anything from the brand, very naturally share a post from the page on your story and tag the brand saying a few nice things about it.

Your Vibe coinciding Brand’s Vibe

Any brand would evaluate an influencer to see if collaboration with them would make sense, especially to their audience. You evaluate yourself before that. Sit for a moment and analyze your style, your values, your motive, and compare it to the brand’s to see if there is an alignment. Being a micro-influencer would give you an edge because in many ways you will be more prepared to present yourself to the brand in a way they wish.

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However, it is very important to keep in check that you do not alter yourself completely to fit in for every brand. Keep your authenticity and originality intact.

Find PR contact of that brand

After all the analysis, you have to look for the most appropriate contact through which you will get to the brand.

Engagement with the Brand’s Instagram Account

Organic love is always the best way to show your commitment and dedication. Engage with the brand as much as possible on their official page. Comment, like and share their posts. Mention them in your stories. Send a few nice words appreciating the brand. This will show that your love for the brand

Prepare and Design your Media Kit

Prepare and Design your Media Kit
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A media kit is like a CV for influencers but different than the usual ones we see around. It includes your short bio, a description of your services; audience data, your statistics, and everything that you need the brand to see that you are their ideal candidate. It is crucial in this aspect (i.e. how to approach brands as an influencer).

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“Galaxy Marketing” can offer its services here by offering organic followers who will help increase the reach and engagement of the influencer’s posts. 


This step-by-step guide would give a clear pathway for “how to get brand deals as an influencer”. It might be scary at first but when you take things slowly, it tends to ease out. You know what you are doing, you have a command and control over things, and you plan out and successfully get your ship sailed.


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