How to Engage Influencers on Instagram
How to Engage Influencers on Instagram 5


It is not a secret to anyone anymore that influencer marketing is ruling the marketing industry. Social Media is growing so fast. Instagram is the ruling social media platform. It is the first choice of brands when it comes to doing a marketing campaign to promote their products among all other social media platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Most brands today that want to make a name for themselves on social media partner with an influencer that matches their brand image, vibe and is appealing to their goals. While designing influencer marketing strategies, brands have to think about “how to engage influencers on Instagram” to make their campaign a success.

This article will help you understand “how to engage influencers on Instagram” as a brand through 12 essential points shared by experts. These are worth remembering by any brand that wishes to engage with influencers.

12 ways for How to Engage Influencers on Instagram

1. Make sure your Brands align

An influencer is a brand on its own; alignment of the influencer’s brand and your brand in essential. You have to see beyond their number of followers, reach and engagement rate. You also have to see if their brand image and vibe match yours. If there is no alignment, the followers will not engage. It will not make any sense to them.

2. Look for Shared Values

One of the most important aspects of choosing the influencer is shared values. Like-minded influencers on board will help your show a better and more authentic brand image. Followers will participate more actively.

3. Lean to their Experience

Always remember that influencers know their followers the best. Just give a brief set of guidelines telling them your expectations and let them show off your product in their own expert way. The campaign will then reap the most value with this influencer partnership.

4. Ensure an Authentic Connection

Through agency or not, when you search for an influencer, make sure there is an authentic connection between both. Without proper relationship, the followers will not engage in the campaign post.

5. Follow the Three Practical Steps

Follow the Three Practical Steps
How to Engage Influencers on Instagram 6
  1. Don’t fall in love with a big name (micro-influencers can get better results and are more cost-effective)
  2. The influencer is not your primary target; their audience is.
  3. Be very clear about your expectations

6. Be Honest about Your Objectives

Before contacting the influencer on your end, be clear about your objectives. Know what you want: reach, brand awareness, more engagement, authenticity, creativity, etc.

7. Check for Meaningful Engagement

  1. Check if they have a strong engagement rate on their page.
  2. Make sure your brand image aligns with the content on their page.
  3. Have something unique to offer to the influencer to interest them in working with you.
  4. Connect with the influencer to see if a mutual understanding can be built between your brand and theirs.

8. Be clear about the Business Opportunity

Be clear about the Business Opportunity
How to Engage Influencers on Instagram 7

As a brand, be clear about the business opportunity you offer to the influencer. Ensure alignment between you and the influencer, and when you reach out for partnership, be clear about the value proposition you offer.

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9. Check for Fake Followers

Ensure the influencer has genuine followers; fake followers drop the reach and engagement massively.

“Galaxy Marketing” can offer its services here by offering organic followers to the influencers who will help increase the reach and engagement on the posts. 

10. Find Influencers who use your Product

Try to find influencers who already use your product. This way, you will automatically know if they align with your brand image or not.

11. Analyze their Past Content

Influencers’ past content will give you an idea of their work and show their professionalism.

12. Look beyond the Numbers

Instead of focusing on numbers, focus on engagement level. Micro-influencers can benefit a lot here.


We all understand how essential influencers have grown to be in marketing. All the 12 points mentioned above show “how to engage influencers on Instagram” as a brand. It is important to engage with them to have a better mutual understanding, to be on same page and to develop the best marketing campaign.