How to Build an Influencer Program
How to Build an Influencer Program 6


Some brands have been promoting their products through influencer marketing since the days when no one even knew what it was. It was just sending your products to “cool” people and seeing what they have to say about your product if they like it or not. It was about connecting with good people to have a word of mouth. Brands were not really building an influencer program.

Today, with the considerable growth of influencer marketing, it is still about connecting good people with your product. But, now it is done with a strategic plan. This strategic plan is known as Influencer Program. Brands, big or small, when having a product in their hands; sit and think about “how to build an influencer program” that would benefit them in short term as well as long term.

A brand must have the right products, right tools, and the right attitude to step into the world of influencing through social media.

This article will help you as a brand in “how to build an influencer program” through its step-by-step guide.

6 Steps to How to Build an Influencer Program

 This quick guide on “how to build an influencer program” if followed rightly, can be a game changer for the brands.

1. Determine Your Goals

Determine Your Goals
How to Build an Influencer Program 7

In order to build a successful influencer program, as a brand you have to follow three steps:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Set your budget
  3. Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs that almost fit the requirement of all kinds of Influencer Programs may include:

  • Audience reach
  • Impression of the brand
  • Views
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Increase in followers
  • And finally, Sales.

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2. Choose the right Social Media Channels

Choose the right Social Media Channels
How to Build an Influencer Program 8

The choice of social media to use for your influencer program would depend on your end goals. The choice would also vary according to the product or service you want to promote. Different social media platforms are used to reach different audiences with different demographics. You choose the platform that matches the demographics of your brand because then it will be easier for you to reach your target audience.

After this, you have to choose the kind of engagement you wish to have in your program. Social media channels offer many different kinds of engagements. The kind of engagement you can get on Instagram might not be the same as you can get either on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, etc.

3. Identify the Right Influencer

The influencer you choose for your program will be representing your brand. So, you must do your research and select that influencer who shares the same values as yours. They must match your brand’s vibe.

Don’t make a decision just based on their number of followers, study their engagement rate and reach as well. Make sure the influencer has no bad reputation online and does not support ideas that may conflict with your brand’s message in anyway. Your brand and the chosen influencer must be in sync.

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4. Publishing Schedule

Publishing Schedule
How to Build an Influencer Program 9

Coordinate all the Social Media where you have a presence and align your efforts accordingly with all the marketing strategies. It will help you push your audience through your sales funnel in a better way.

5. Review Content before Publishing

Make sure to check that the content prepared for your influencer program is in sync with the program requirements and guidelines. You must give the freedom to your influencer to innovate but still keep in check the alignment.

You may also optimize the content before official posting to see how the actual program will go.

6. Measure Results

Match your KPIs with the ROI of your influencer program and check if the marketing efforts were worth it.


This step-by-step guide above on “how to build an influencer program” would help you create a very effective and successful influencer program fulfilling all your KPIs.